WEBCAST: Come learn how three award-winning campaigns arrived at their big ideas, effectively brought those ideas to life in engaging and interactive ways and achieved real marketplace results.Date and time: Thursday, August 13, 2009 11:00 am.

Nielsen Chairman and CEO David Calhoun addressed the 53rd CIES World Food Business Summit in June, providing retailers and manufacturers with a comprehensive view of dramatic shifts in the consumer economy amid the global financial crisis.

Business-to-business (B2B) firms that adopt strategic marketing practices are winning the race for market share, according to a new study conducted by Booz & Company and the ANA (Association of National Advertisers ).

The customer experience has a multifacted nature that makes it difficult to predict how isolated changes to the experience will affect the overall experience, and thus the brand as a whole.

Social networks, blogs and other communication technologies make it possible for almost anyone to influence how other people perceive your brand and products.

The current economic downturn has spawned dramatic changes in how shoppers are spending their consumer packaged goods (CPG) dollars.

On July 27th, State Farm began a 5 spot series of ‘agent integration’ into one of Telemundo’s prime-time soap operas known as ‘Mas Sabe El Diablo.’

Even in the midst of the current recession, 42 percent of nearly 1,000 global business leaders polled plan to increase marketing budgets in 2009, and an additional 43 percent plan to maintain current levels.

Like many kid innovators and strategists, we've often been asked -- and asked ourselves -- "who matters more -- moms or kids?"

he Selig Center’s estimates and projections of buying power for 1990-2013 show that minorities—African Americans, Asians, Native Americans, and Hispanics--definitely share in this success, and together wield formidable economic clout. Download study.

Today CSR stands for Corporate Social Responsibility. It's a concept that deals with a business's obligation to the people that help make it successful. Certainly, CSR embraces environmental responsibility, but it goes beyond that.

The gay consumer market, known as the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) market, is fast changing.

What does it take for a forgotten brand to resurge within popular culture and achieve fresh meaning and lasting appeal with consumers?

For nearly a decade, even those most savvy about marketing to U.S. Latinos have applauded the "acculturation" approach to Latino consumer segmentation. Latino marketers have adopted it for its general relevance, especially in certain categories; for its indisputable link to Spanish language usage; and most of all, for the miraculous awareness and consensus it has garnered among marketing and media leaders as a construct they find useful in furthering business decisions.

In our daily lives, thanks to GPS, Twitter, Google Latitude and countless other applications, there's not a moment when we lack a perfect view of where we are, where we're going and how to get there, not to mention the friends we might meet along the way. Yet in our lives as marketers, our view is quite a bit murkier. Where do we stand in relation to a global economic recovery? Just what "new normal" of consumer attitudes will we be returning to? And once we know where we're going, what strategies and tactics are going to be most effective to get there? Unfortunately, there's no GPS for that.