Alloy Access released findings from a new study revealing data that defines spending power and influence of an emerging and powerful consumer market. Redefining themselves as positive, upwardly mobile Hustlers, the group is identified as the new “Urban Hustler”.

Segmentation is more than a way to classify the market. It acts as a strategic framework for understanding, marketing to, and reaching customers and prospects. Taken to its fullest potential, segmentation provides the organizing principle—the lingua franca—for the way the entire organization thinks about its customers and prospects.

How do you get your clients excited and committed to your market? I have found the variety of approaches we multicultural marketing professionals take to sell our market to corporate America inspiring, amusing and at times, just flat out embarrassing. And while we have become more sophisticated in communicating our target's business value, it is fair to say that the most important step in marketing brands to Latinos starts with “marketing latinos” to brands.

In case you are not familiar with these variables, let me explain. They are a measurement of your share of voice in advertising.

The Disney-ABC Television Group and Sprint announced that Sprint customers can now access a comprehensive portfolio of news and entertainment video programming from ABC Entertainment, ABC News and Disney Channel.

Not long ago, the Hispanic market was considered marginal by many businesses, being perceived as a largely immigrant group with income, language, and educational limitations. Today, with the commoditization of the concept of acculturation and the emergence of bicultural TV networks, no one argues that Hispanics are an appealing market segment that goes beyond the classic preconceptions to encompass more affluent, hip, bilingual and bicultural consumers. While this shift from low value to high value is important, there is an emerging shift that promises to elevate the role of Hispanics even to a higher level: Hispanics are moving from being a market in itself to being a strategic tool for competitive advantage in the general market. Those who chose to leverage the influencing power of “The Latino” in the crowded general market will profit from the next in strategic marketing.

Word of mouth is the #1 influence on business purchase decisions and is best leveraged through face-to-face marketing efforts, according to a new study of US and UK executives conducted by market research firm the Keller Fay Group and sponsored by experiential marketing agency Jack Morton Worldwide.

Word of mouth-one person sharing marketing-relevant information with another person-is far more influential for business executives than other communication channels. Fifty percent of business executives report they are highly likely to buy a product or service based on word of mouth; 49% pass on what they've heard to others. Executives report that word of mouth has more than twice the influence of advertising, direct mail or press coverage on purchase decisions.

Want to promote something? Enlist a Millennial.

Call them Gen Y or Millennials or just "people ages 13-24." Whatever the name, this group spreads the word quickly on things it likes and enjoys user-generated content, according to the "State of the Media Democracy" report commissioned by Deloitte & Touche and conducted by Harrison Group.

Ever notice how difficult it is to buy a cheap umbrella when it's already pouring out? Were you one of those poor saps trying to find a Wii the week before Christmas?

Consumer engagement is all about connecting with people in settings that allow advertising to break through.

The report -- "Interactive Food & Beverage Marketing: Targeting Children and Youth in the Digital Age" -- documents in vivid detail how major food, soft drink and fast food brands are deploying a panoply of new techniques -- including cell phones, instant messaging, video games, user-generated video, and three-dimensional virtual worlds -- to target children and adolescents, often under the radar of parents. The report also reveals a range of new digital strategies these marketers have devised for targeting multicultural youth, including African Americans and Hispanics.

Traditional theorists imagined America as a melting pot; a place where all cultures mixed and merged into one, homogenized society. But what these early theorists didn’t count on was that many people not only fight to keep aspects of their original culture, they also pass these aspects down from generation to generation and even across from culture to culture.

America is culturally complex and the way it changes is fluid and constant. Cultural barriers are breached as immigrants flow into the country. The resultant inter-mixing of customs and values transforms the landscape.

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Fact: 90% of internet users and over 56% of Americans use email on a regular basis.

Are your messages relevant, delivered, opened and acted upon? This whitepaper details five new 1 to 1 rules of email marketing and covers the trends, strategies and tactics marketers need to know.

Campaigners hit the 'Send' button.

E-mail is the online tactic of choice for promotional marketers, according to a PROMO magazine survey.

The magazine found that 72.6% of respondents used e-mail marketing as part of their online efforts. Another 60.8% used e-mail newsletters.

Online/Mobile Marketing Tactics Used by US Marketers, February-March 2007 (% of respondents)

Promotional marketers said online methods were gaining popularity overall.

In preparation for the Email Insider Summit happening this week, we sent out a survey to the attendees asking about various issues facing them. While I will be presenting the details at the Summit itself, I thought I would provide some of the more interesting results here.