Current marketing operational models are becoming increasingly complex and more crucial to the strategic success of global businesses, but are facing significant challenges from entrenched corporate cultures, inter-departmental politics, and a lack of adequate data and information systems. According to new research, marketers fear they will be unable to implement the needed marketing platforms and automated processes required to effectively support strategic growth initiatives.

As you plan your 2009 campaigns, it helps to look back on your 2008 campaigns and to benchmark yourself against your retail email marketing peers. This reportlet includes a variety of stats and charts about retail email marketing during this past year

In an age of shrinking and fragmented mass media, retailers have a big opportunity to reclaim their historic role as the leading mass consumer medium. A new white paper issued today, titled In-Store Digital Media: How to Reestablish Retail's Role as a Mass Consumer Medium, explains how retailers can leverage shopper-friendly digital media technologies that deliver marketing and branding messages to consumers inside the store, at or near the point of sale.

The receipt of permission-based email makes shoppers more likely to do business with a retailer, in addition to generating a more favorable opinion of the retailer and even a stronger sense of loyalty to the retailer’s brand, according to the latest Epsilon research.

What are CMO priorities for 2009?

Let’s face the facts: the economy is not going to improve overnight. But reducing marketing budgets across the line only reduces costs. It does nothing to ensure your company remains competitive, nor does it take advantage of the inherent opportunities a downturn opens up.

Airlines must maintain marketing spending. It is well documented that brands that increase advertising during a recession as competitors are cutting back – can improve market share and return on investment at a lower cost than during good economic times.

Behavioral targeting technologies can extrapolate from raw usage data and patterns a remarkable amount of implied information about a consumer's intent and mindset. It cannot tell us much about what people really are thinking during their interactions with a Web site or a brand online.

What do GM, Ford, and Chrysler have to do to change the brand perception that Detroit has been sleeping at the wheel when it comes to innovation? Plenty.

Chief Marketing Officers at top U.S. brands place the highest value on creative thinkers and leaders in their hiring practices, but 39% of the executives revealed they are somewhat to very unsatisfied with the availability of qualified employment candidates, according to new Epsilon research profiling the American CMO.

Trends in Branding looks at how social, environmental and technological changes influence brands and the businesses that build them. The review is an insightful reference for business and marketing professionals looking to stay on top of what's going on in today's rapidly changing world and the trends they can leverage to ensure their brands stay relevant to their

Despite overwhelming agreement on the importance of customer experience and word-of-mouth, senior marketers admit their companies are failing to take decisive, company-wide action to integrate customer voice and experience into key business and marketing processes, according to a new study by the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council.

Telemundo and The San Jose Group invite you to watch the 2009 Annual Hispanic Marketing Summit, presented in a webcast format for the first time. As in past events, we take you through expert minds, exploring the potential qualitative and quantitative impact the Hispanic segment can have on your business.

What do beer, gum, candy, snacks, and fragrances have in common? All are categories that under-spend on media against a Boomer demographic that accounts for the bulk of consumer packaged goods sales.

Today’s marketing reality is shrinking budgets, tighter wallets, intense scrutiny and increased accountability. Clear ROI for your marketing programs is more important than ever. To fully optimize your online business, you need to understand the impact of every marketing dollar so you can spend for maximum results.