A new poll by Entertainment Weekly shows three out of four TV viewers prefer product placement over commercials.

Merkle released its annual e-mail marketing study, 'View from the Inbox'. Conducted in conjunction with national survey research firm Harris Interactive, the study is designed to measure and track attitudes and behaviors toward permission-based e-mail among U.S. consumers. Permission-based e-mail marketing (PEM) is a marketing approach used to reach consumers who voluntarily sign-up to receive updates, offers and information from select organizations.

The word trust most likely conjures the feeling(s) deep down in your gut. It does mine. Typically, when I have the slightest "off" feeling, I should follow my gut instead of my head. Trust is core to this. What about brand trust? When you just read the words, what did you think?

Getting the tastemakers on your side.

Practically anyone can start a blog—about whatever interests them. As a result, there are millions of blogs, many covering niche avocations and including product recommendations.

Recently. I was asked to speak at a Digital Summit conducted by a major brand marketer for the benefit of its brand teams -- eager to learn more about how to use broadband video. Never reluctant to help educate and grow the category, I eagerly took the advertiser up on its invite.

Watch a school of fish swim. They have no leader. No one is telling them what to do. Instead they are paying close attention to the fish next to them, in order to move at exactly the same time in exactly the same direction. This type of swarm behavior defies convention. Animal groups moving together as one without ever being told what to do. The comparison of swarm behavior to human interaction has become increasingly relevant as human instincts and social technologies have merged to create an unprecedented collective intelligence.

On April 22nd the DDB Latin America & US Hispanic region conducted an all day seminar under the "Digital Day" banner. It was a different kind of "D Day" for all of us DDBers.

It was certainly an eye opener for some, a confirmation for others and a kick in the butt for a few.

By Luis Miguel Messianu - President & Chief Creative Officer at Alma DDB

This paper is for branding advertisers. By brand advertisers we mean the marketing leaders at the big brand companies as well as the talent at the agencies that work with the advertisers helping them get their message out.

One of the largest U.S. Hispanic/Latin American agencies took a major step towards better understanding just how important digital technology is to Latinos. The Y&R Brands Miami office held it’s first, in a series, of Digital Days. Employees from the Bravo Group, Wunderman and Y&R came together to delve deep into the Hispanic digital world. They examined, with the help of a panel of experts, just how closely the Internet and mobile technology are intertwined with the lives of their consumer.

Microsoft Digital Advertising Solutions wanted to make this movie because: “We want to try and tell that digital media is not about technology but about quality of communication, about the interaction between 2 people. There is no better medium than a movie to symbolize the one-to-one communication between people, in this case between an advertiser and a consumer.”

Recent reports indicate a shake-up in Detroit with automakers making much needed changes to their traditional marketing models by switching media agencies and reallocating more dollars to digital advertising. This suggests they have started to see the light; however, it may not be enough.

These days, online consumers and companies are collaborating on a range of activities, including R&D, marketing and after-sales support.

Here are a few examples of how brands and consumers are working together online.

If someone tweets about you on Twitter and you don't hear the sound, did the tweeter tweet at all?

This is one of the philosophical questions about Twitter that has a practical answer. Fortunately, now there are many ways to listen to the tweets.

It seems to be getting tougher to crack the Hispanic space these days but if you’re going to do it then do it big and do it RIGHT. MySpace Latino’s launch concert on April 11 in Miami is a great example.

If you want to establish your credibility–especially street cred–immediately and unequivocally with today’s Latino, then you have to start on the right foot. CLICK on BLOG above.

We all likely know Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory -- usually reserved for sales training to understand the state of consumer needs and how they apply to consumer decisions.