There is no doubt we live in a post-factual world and that is as true of marketing as the news media. We have more data than ever on what people do but we rarely try to understand it. Instead we leave interpretation to algorithms, AI and machine learning. We assume that the results are valid and the resulting actions correct.  by Nigel Hollis

The digital world has given manufacturers new ways to engage consumers, but online direct-to-consumer models are a mixed bag. Which ones actually work?

It is common knowledge that US consumers fill their waking hours with media usage. But how people split up their media time may surprise you.

The consumer packaged goods sector faces tough hurdles in 2018. That's mainly because of long, steady shifts in consumer preferences. But new players are disrupting the market as well, as are changes in the distribution channel.

In 2017, I made a big shift.  I moved out of the ad and marketing tech space and became a more traditional mainstream tech marketer.  In doing so, I realized the adtech and martech industries are in a bit of a pickle — a fact that only becomes crystal-clear when you remove yourself from the day-to-day of it all.  by Cory Treffiletti , Featured Contributor

Backslash, the cultural insight studio powered by global advertising agency TBWA Worldwide, released its Pre-Trends for 2018. Part vision, part research, part expert interviews, each Pre-Trend is rooted in evolving cultural shifts with business and cultural implications to impact 2018.

More than 18% of Americans identify as Hispanic or Latino, the nation’s second largest racial or ethnic group. But two trends – a long-standing high intermarriage rate and a decade of declining Latin American immigration – are distancing some Americans with Hispanic ancestry from the life experiences of earlier generations, reducing the likelihood they call themselves Hispanic or Latino.

Who is going to win the race to digitally transform the world’s informal economy?

In this five-part series, eMarketer co-founder Geoff Ramsey sits down with top marketers around the world to discuss the the most daunting challenges they face, and how they are addressing those challenges.

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A new ANA survey revealed that more than a third of respondents (35 percent) have expanded their in-house programmatic media buying capabilities, and have subsequently reduced the role of external agencies that previously performed the same function.