September 12, 2013

Several articles on introversion recently found me – serendipity, I suppose. I subscribe to the theory that introversion and extroversion are not binary personality attributes, but a continuum. I lean toward the introverted side, I’ve been told.

Stemming from my own bias and pride, Carl King’s "10 Myths About Introverts" really resonates with me. His myths include “Introverts don’t like to talk,” “Introverts don’t like people,” “Introverts are weird,” and “Introverts are aloof nerds.” His myths underscore why introverted people are among the most interesting, creative and effective people. Trust me, I know!

As a marketer, I must underscore that the unique characteristics of introverts make them especially suited for marketing, where focus, clarity, introspection, trust, authenticity, creativity and meaningful relationships rule. For example, the most important marketing skill (IMHO) is the ability to prioritize and clarify the most critical problems, and then simplify them into understandable, manageable frameworks for applying solutions. That fundamental challenge is uniquely tailored to introverts!

Inspired by King’s 10 Myths, here are 10 common attributes of introverts that make them magnificent marketers.

1.     They may shy from small talk, but passionately engage in meaningful, relevant topics.

2.     They reserve their energy for interacting when it really matters, with key people.

3.     They cut to the chase, avoid BS and seek honesty.

4.     They’re incredibly loyal and authentic.

5.     They immerse themselves in experiences, observe and interpret them quickly.

6.     They’re able to shut off the world and focus on solutions to meaningful problems, in a world that is getting more complex and distracting.

7.     They’re driven by insights, and not afraid to zig when everyone else zags.

8.     They complement observation and logic by looking inward  to their emotions and subconscious for inspiration and solutions — a core human survival mechanism, albeit misunderstood.

9.     They’re able to be happy and energized without external stimulation.

10.  They’re creative problem solvers.

If you’re an introvert (or lean that way), understand and embrace it. If you’re an extrovert, try to understand the unique attributes of introverts in order to relate to them better, and capitalize on their power.
By Max Kalehoff.
Max Kalehoff is a seasoned marketing executive and student who has helped build some of the most influential brands in digital marketing analytics.
Courtesy of MediaPost


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