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  • You know what they say: in Hollywood nobody knows anything.
  • The line alludes to the inability of even the most experienced moviemakers to know in advance whether a movie will be a box office hit.
  • The history of Tinseltown is littered with flops with the best talent and the fattest budgets, the highest screening scores and even the best reviews.
  • The art & craft of making movies, not unlike that of making ads, is an obscure art for odd people.

Every now in then in your life you need to take some time off and travel along the mystic side of the river trail for whatever reason.  My case, a full knee replacement last week, a TV and an iPhone.  Watching TV with an elevated leg that I was icing aggressively after therapy, I came across a documentary on Starz Network about a 1970s trovador out of Detroit of Mexican decent called Rodriguez that frequented the local dive bars and belted out lyric and tunes that motivated the day that would make Bob Dylan look “more’ than twice.  By Gene Bryan / HispanicAd

Film and television director, writer, and producer, Juan Camilo Pinzon, signed an exclusive contract with Latin World Entertainment,

The film received great audience feedback and opened to a sold out show at Universal City AMC on Friday May 2nd. It will also open in Puerto Rico's Fine Arts Theaters by the end of May.

  Three-faceted music: Crossbreeding, Syncretism and Hybridization in Latin America, offering a visual and acoustic perspective on the indigenous, Hispanic and African cultural roots of Latin American music.

Measuring the effectiveness of branded entertainment programs is the goal of a new model introduced by Ogilvy & Mather. The model is being endorsed by leading production and broadcast companies who plan to adapt the approach to support measurement of their branded entertainment properties. VIEW PRESENTATION Here.

The newly incorporated Legends 10 LLC ("Legends 10") will be the exclusive agency empowered to represent Pele globally with respect to all new branding, endorsement and product licensing agreements as well as appearances. The marketing and management of Pele's intellectual property rights represe

At the legendary Puerto Rican Traveling Theater! The Society of the Educational Arts(SEA), under the artistic direction of Dr. Manuel A. Morán, announced the comeback of the smash hit, DC-7, The Roberto Clemente Story. This powerful musical, written and directed by Luis Caballero, will now take place at the legendary Off – Broadway Theatre - The Puerto Rican Traveling Theatre beginning February 14th 2012.

Columbo-Argentinian actress Geraldine Zivic has hired Aida Phillips PR LLC as her publicist as of July 1st. Zivic is currently part of the cast of the Telemundo Telenovela ‘El Clon’ as Cristina where she holds a starring role as the love interest of the well-known actor Saul Lizaso.

Reyes Entertainment will expand into the Texas markets with new headquarters in Austin, announced its founder and president, Gabriel Reyes.

Mexican wrestling league AAA(R) expects its debut on gaming consoles to be out in US retail stores by this holiday's launch window.

On Tuesday, June 30th, 2009, Urban Lifestyle Media (ULM) will present “Boogie Rican Blvd: The Musical” for a limited engagement at the Puerto Rican Traveling Theatre, running from July 1st through July 26, 2009. Written and performed by Caridad De La Luz “La Bruja”, Boogie Rican Blvd.

VOY and nocheLatina announced the launch of their new services for the young Latino audience.

UK independent producer and distributor Zeal Television and Animus Entertainment have secured a deal with NBC-owned, Spanish-language U.S. network Telemundo to deliver two 2-hour reality-based music specials.

United Media, a leading licensing and syndication company, has signed on to represent a direct-to-retail opportunity with Los Kitos (The Toons), a bi-lingual cast of characters that made their original debut in an educational comic strip (“edu-comic”) over eleven years ago and now are widely reco