The audio boom is real. Everywhere one looks these days it's easy to see more people than ever before connected to headphones; buying and using smartspeakers; using in-vehicle, voice activated AM/FM and HD radio controls — the list goes on.

In his new role, Villafane will oversee all of Entravision's national advertising efforts across Entravision Solutions, Entravision Audio Network, and the Company's National Spot TV and Radio sales.

  Good Karma Broadcasting, LLC (GKB)’s ESPN West Palm announces the launch of ESPN Deportes 760 AM, West Palm Beach’s first Spanish language sports radio station.

Liberman Broadcasting’s syndicated morning show El Show De Don Cheto has secured a deal with Adelante Media Group.

GLR Networks is pleased to announced the addition of journalist Neida Sandoval, and their new Infopinion radio show to their Spanish language programming geared towards Hispanics living in America. Self-titled, “Neida Sandoval”, is formatted to specifically target Mexican Regional stations and covers all current topics that affect the lives of today's Latinos. Such topics include: society, family, economics involving day-to-day life, and the social aspect of health, among others.

The offering includes the following CNN en Español shows: Café CNN, Cala, Aristegui, Showbiz, NotiMujer, Encuentro Live, Directo USA, Panorama Mundial, CNN Dinero, CNN Mexico Perspectivas, Clix, Choque de Opiniones, Mexico Opina, Salud con la Dra. Azaret, Panorama USA, Contrastes, and Sin Límites.

GLR Networks announced the addition of their new entertainment radio show to their Spanish language programming geared towards Hispanics living in America. “Échate Pa'Cá con Ana María Canseco” is formatted to specifically target Mexican Regional stations and covers all current topics that affect the lives of today's Latinos.

Under the agreement, Entravision will leverage the Abacast Clarity Digital Radio System as its online streaming solution for 42 of its radio stations, and the companies will jointly offer the Abacast Clarity Digital Radio System to Entravision’s 300 affiliated radio stations. Entravision Solutions will also partner with the Abacast Digital Ad Sales Network to focus on expanding digital ad sales for the Latino market.

Univision Radio announced that Andrew E. Olivera has been appointed general manager/director of sales for the Univision Radio Austin cluster of stations. He currently serves as the director of sales for the Austin radio group and will add on additional responsibilities as general manager.

Radio listeners who spend more than 21% of their time listening via Internet radio are 2x as likely to purchase a product they heard advertised compared to those who listen more predominantly to broadcast radio. This is just one of many insights into the Internet Radio Marketplace our Consumer Insights and Research teams touch in this white paper after conducting research in order to better understand the growth of radio, dissect how Internet and broadcast work in tandem, and examine behaviors specific to Internet radio.

Al & CM Broadcasting and KE PADRE announced that the Alex “El Genio” Lucas Morning Show has been picked up by Entravision Radio.

More than three in four adults (78%) believe that credit cards help small businesses start and grow by offering them the financial resources they need to succeed, such as a line of credit and an easy way of accepting payments.

Clear Channel Media and Entertainment (CCM+E) unveiled the results of an extensive study of the State of Listening in America, which underscore radio’s continued, widespread popularity, particularly among Millennials and Generation Z, who listen to radio regularly and describe it as “trustworthy,” “human” and “relate-able.” The study is the first comprehensive audio analysis that addresses the various ways people are listening today and also clearly demonstrates that the growing prevalence of mobile devices coupled with easy access to streaming apps have made radio more relevant to users.

Sun Broadcast Group, Inc. announced the appointment of Julio Aponte to Director of Hispanic Sales. Aponte will oversee sales & marketing efforts for all of Sun's Hispanic products including the recently signed “El Mandril Morning Show”.

Entravision COO Jeff Liberman has been in radio for almost his entire adult life. There's no question he's an expert on radio and especially on the topic of the Hispanic consumer. In 2012 Liberman advanced from President of the Radio Division at Entravision to COO of the company. The story of how his family entered the radio business is fascinating. Liberman calls himself a “radio brat” and while working for his family he learned how to do every job that needed to be done at a station, from answering the phones to filling out affidavits to selling time. Liberman sharpened all the many tools of the radio trade that put him on the path to becoming one of the 40 Most Powerful People in Radio. Today, Entravision operates one of the nation's largest groups of Spanish-language radio stations. Liberman, tells Radio Ink even with the growth of media targeting the exploding Hispanic population in the United States, that audience is still underserved. Courtesy of RadioINK.