Third-party verification can’t come too soon to digital media, as the combination of bot fraud, fake news and audience restatements has 50% of marketers saying they will no longer place advertising on a platform they consider risky

Last week, the Doomsday Clock was moved from 3 minutes to midnight to 2.5 minutes to 12. Scientists believe that the chance of the world going up in a thermonuclear puff of smoke is the highest it's been since 1953. This in the same week that Marc Pritchard, the global brand building officer from P&G, made waves by announcing that P&G, in effect, had moved the hand of the ad-spend doomsday clock to 12. High noon!

Interest in influencer marketing continues to increase—and prices are rising in tandem—but measurement capabilities haven’t kept pace.

As might be expected, mobile is a healthy part of the mix, with almost half of companies listing mobile commerce and payments as one of the top ecommerce activities they’re involved in, based on a new study.

Not surprisingly, Hispanics are showing up to watch the crown jewel of all football events year after year. They’re not only doing it in big gatherings with their friends and family, but are watching in-language broadcasts, either streaming or on cable. What does this year hold for Hispanic viewership? We can predict that the number of Hispanics tuning in to watch will only grow larger. Will you be watching this year and, most importantly, what delicious snack will you be taking to your watch party?  Courtesy of Lopez Negrete Communications

Entravision Communications Corporation announced that as part of its three-year deal signed with the NFL starting with the 2015 season, it will broadcast Super Bowl LI taking place in Houston, TX between the AFC Champion New England Patriots & NFC Champion Atlanta Falcons.

Part of State Farm’s Hispanic social presence, Alma also developed a mini online sitcom rooted in Hispanic insights called Los Asegurados or The Insured in English.

With the proliferation of influencer content and the increased scrutiny of the FTC on disclosures, one of the critical elements is maintaining authenticity. In a time where so many CPG brands are investing in influencer marketing due to the abounding opportunities, do too many sponsored posts mean death to an influencer’s credibility, audience and engagement?

The grandfather of the digital video space is still looking pretty youthful. Despite an increasingly competitive digital video space that is packed with new (and successful) properties, usage of YouTube remains strong and the unit continues to be an important part of parent company Alphabet's portfolio.

In order to gain the credence of a wary audience, we have to stop selling and start communicating. Advertisements have become invisible to most and for those who still see them, skepticism has replaced intrigue.

Pointing not only to an influx of fake news and spam, but also an ongoing challenge to distinguish what's real and what's not, Google took down 1.7 billion ads last year that violated its advertising policies—more than double the amount it removed in 2015.

NBCU Telemundo Enterprises announced the launch of Telemundo Films, a new business unit under its Telemundo Studios operation that will develop, produce and market feature films in English and Spanish for the growing movie-going US Hispanic market.

Throughout history, we have devised the means to ensure our voices are heard—from the telegraph to telecommunications satellites roaming the orbit. Over the last decade, however, social media has changed the way we communicate in a way that has been revolutionary. It has, literally, given those with just a voice the power to speak to the world and has provided consumers with a platform to break news, start dialogues and share views about content.

Univision Communications Inc. (UCI) announced that Rick Resnick has been promoted to Senior Vice President of Sports Partner Solutions.

The Marcus Corporation announced the appointment of Rolando B. Rodriguez as chairman, president and chief executive officer of Marcus Theatres.