After a stellar PR career spanning three decades in the corporate world working for blue chip companies in Senior positions in public relations, such as her most recent past role of Vice President of Consumer and Entertainment Public Relations at Univision Communications, Rosemary Ravinal decided to leave the corporate world to pursue her lifelong passion to launch RMR Communications Consulting LLC (RMR), to address gaps in presentation skills, public speaking and media readiness among C-suite executives in both English and Spanish.

With a spending power of $1.2 trillion, the African American audience is one of the most essential markets for advertisers to reach. This group of consumers is at the forefront of innovation—full of trendsetters, tastemakers, and cultural expression.

Users of ad blockers feel strongly about how their personal data is collected for advertising. Almost two-thirds of people who use ad blockers (63%) say data collection in online advertising is an invasion of privacy.

The private brand dynamic is a topic we’ve written about extensively over the past few years. Private brand is gaining dollar share in key general merchandise industries, representing nearly one-third of U.S. sales in some industries. In industries like office supplies, retailers have moved entire departments to their own private labels. But our research indicates that more private brands aren’t necessarily the answer across apparel, food, technology, and other industries we track; retail may have reached an inflection point. How can retailers determine the right mix of private and national brands for the categories they play in, and what can brands do to ensure they remain part of the mix?

It would be an understatement to say that for the modern consumer, personalization has become a table-stakes expectation. From Facebook feeds and Netflix queues to brick-and-mortar retail floors, the average consumer is living in an increasingly customized world in which every experience is tailored to their unique needs, expectations, and preferences using data.

Does this mean that we as a society are moving in the wrong direction? Hardly. It’s simply a recognition that as times change, our delineations of what is acceptable change as well.

This year, 18.4 million students will be heading to college. The shopping list may start with books and supplies, but it runs long with dorm and apartment furnishings, clothing and accessories, computers and hardware, and gadgets and digital subscriptions. Do the math and the grand total is more than $25 billion in projected spend for the 2019 back-to-college (B2C) shopping season.

Workplace stress is exacting an ever-higher physical and psychological toll. It adversely affects productivity, drives up voluntary turnover, and costs US employers nearly $200 billion every year in healthcare costs. Many companies are aware of these negative effects, and some have gotten busy devising ways to counteract them. Efforts range from initiatives to encourage sleep, exercise, and meditation to perks such as nap pods and snack bars.

The American Association of Hispanics in Higher Education (AAHHE), has elected Dr. Patricia Arredondo as its Chair for the 2019-2020 academic year.

8Greens, a health and wellness company, announced the hiring of Eduardo Luz as CEO effective July 9, 2019. In this role, Mr. Luz will be responsible for all aspects of strategy including category development, product development, innovation, distribution and global expansion.

Casanova//McCann announced the relocation of their headquarters. The Hispanic integrated communications agency will now be based out of The Hive, an indoor/outdoor creative office campus, in Costa Mesa, California.

Some influencers accept free products as payment for endorsements, others charge thousands of dollars for a single post. While the compensation scale varies by following and content type, some marketers are concerned that teaming up with social media influencers is getting expensive.

Univision Digital announced its new original digital series, “La Nueva” (The New), about the birth of the new generation of urban Latin artists who have taken the world by storm with their global streaming views and fan base.

This week, I’ve rounded up six valuable tips on pitching from agency insiders. Some come from industry experts who have previously shared their expertise on The New Business Blog and some were sourced from other online sources. All of them will help you win your next pitch. As we approach the time of year when major decisions will be made for next year’s marketing budgets, take a look and think about opportunities to improve your “pitch game.”  by Mark Duval - The Duval Partnership

The IAB, the national trade association for the digital media and marketing industries, released “Disrupting Brand Preference,” a study that shows that disruptor brand shoppers comprise 48 percent of all U.S consumers. They are younger than incumbent brand-only shoppers, with 84 percent under 54 years old, and are likelier to have a household income of more than $75,000. In addition, direct-to-consumer (DTC) buyers use their favorite brands as vehicles for self-promotion, with twice as many compared to incumbent brand-only shoppers saying that they choose brands to express “who I am.”