Viacom International Media Networks (VIMN) announced that Pierluigi Gazzolo, President of VIMN Americas and Executive Vice President of Nickelodeon International, has been appointed President of OTT International and Viacom International Studios (VIS), signaling the increasing importance of VIMN’s OTT and Studio business. 

How do you reach an ever-expanding, fast-growing ethnic market that is extremely loyal to brands and where word of mouth is golden? If you didn’t have to compete so heavily for attention in newspapers, email blasts and other advertising venues, reaching this demographic could be easy.

The 4A’s and The 614 Group released “The Future of Programmatic and Automation,” a report that reveals that full automation is the future of programmatic advertising and data-driven marketing.

New and ground-breaking marketing often grabs our attention. But the evidence points to consistency as the key to brand growth. How can brands be consistent yet still attract their audience’s attention?  by Myles George - Director / NeedScope International

eMarketer junior analysts Blake Droesch and Lucy Koch join principal analyst Jillian Ryan to discuss whether companies still need a traditional CMO. What are the new responsibilities of the new CMO, and what can they do to thrive? Jillian, Blake and Lucy also talk about the smartphone shipment rebound and whether people prefer to watch the same content separately, or different content together.

Think about everything you have to get done today. If you’re a woman, chances are pretty high that you’ll have to work a little harder than men will to get it all done. In fact, you might even need to do it better just to measure up. Yet despite the countless responsibilities and challenges that women have in a given week, they’re voracious consumers of media. In an average week, the 156+ million women in the U.S. consume just shy of 73 hours of media—that’s five more hours of media than men.

NBCUniversal Telemundo Enterprises and Comcast NBCUniversalreleased a special report titled “Latinas Powering Forward.” The report is propelled by Unstoppable Women, Telemundo’s company-wide initiative dedicated to championing female achievement and “Know Your Value,” Comcast NBCUniversal’s nationwide female empowerment effort. The findings highlight how Latinas are raising their standing across the United States, having a major impact on every sector, motivated by a ‘no matter what’ work ethic and pride in where they came from.

By Gonzalo López Martí  - Creative director, etc. /

“Beware those who want to save the world,
most likely they just want to control it.”

The impact of consumers’ newfound super powers

A recent article on The Correspondent is gaining attention for suggesting that the $273 billion-dollar online advertising industry is the new dot com bubble. The authors are undoubtedly right, much of the money spent on digital is being wasted. But here is the problem, too many advertisers believe their money is well-spent and they do not want to hear otherwise.  by Nigel Hollis

Gilt Edge Soccer Marketing released proprietary findings on female interest and engagement in soccer in the United States. Insights provide brand marketers with a greater appreciation for soccer's unique connection to the female consumer.

Deezer, the music streaming service is introducing a brand new campaign targeting Latinos with the debut of “together we make magic.”

Digital marketing is about to enter more challenging territory. Building on the vast increase in consumer power brought on by the digital age, marketing is headed toward being on demand—not just always “on,” but also always relevant, responsive to the consumer’s desire for marketing that cuts through the noise with pinpoint delivery.

Highly digitally-connected media planners are bringing their own biases to the interpretation of campaign data, argues Hannah Gillett, Strategy Director at Spark Foundry.

While 27 percent of chief diversity officers find themselves still having to make the case for diversity, inclusion, and belonging in the workplace, the good news is that the majority of top leaders already understand how critical these efforts are. Indeed, in my work in talent and diversity at Google, Disney, and other large firms, I’ve found many leaders eager for actionable frameworks and advice to create more inclusive cultures. But again and again I find one thing plaguing their attempts: fear.    By Daisy Auger-Dominguez