November 23, 2021

The future for the media industry contains many uncertainties. We shine a spotlight on the risks and opportunities, in what will be a critical year for most.


In many parts of the world, restrictions have loosened; the early stages of economic recovery have begun; and in media, where we have witnessed some rebalancing of investment across channels, growth is forecast.

Our Media Trends and Predictions 2022 report gives a definitive view of coming industry trends. Focused on five key themes, we’ve identified both risks and opportunities for 2022 in full expectation that it will be a critical year for most.

1. Video streaming: a complex and ever-evolving market

  • From audience attitudes to commercial models, changes on multiple fronts show there’s still plenty to surprise in media’s most dynamic market.

2. Re-modelling the commercial internet: how will successful brands and media owners navigate through such radical change?

  • Tracking cookies underpin the free internet model, so what happens once they’re gone? These are the trends and upcoming solutions that signal a major overhaul of online marketing.

3. A different approach to data

  • From commerce to cookies, the world is changing – and so too are advertisers’ attitudes towards data.

4. Performance media and marketing: an expanding playground for brands

  • The pandemic saw many brands turn to performance-based strategies to survive, but after stunning growth comes a host of challenges – in worlds both real and invented.

5. Life in a pandemic – and what it means now for brands and media

  • Now that we have a clearer picture of how the pandemic is shaping society, attitudes and behaviours, we must use what we know to plan for new challenges...

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