July 27, 2021

Today’s DE&I and Marketing conversations are based quite simply on the exercise that if you do not diversify your workforce, create inclusion, and secure advertising spending against minority consumers in the USA, your will suffer the repercussion of social, economic, and political grievances.

As one of our Hispanic market industry veterans put it, ”The Black & Brown discussion is fear of Black repercussions, and no fear of Latino repercussions.”

There is clarity in that statement.

It is not meant to derail or take away the importance of marketing to Black Consumers and invest in Black Owned & Operated media.  Quite the contrary.

It emblematic of the lack of US Hispanic / Latino / Latina / LatinX voices that forcefully have discussion with strategic importance and with facts to ensure that we as an industry enjoy the appropriate attention and equitable advertising spend our Consumers deserve (not in relations to other minority groups, but to the entire population).

We should fall ourselves for our intentional silence.

Every mainstream trade journal, news media and marketing conversations seem to be prefaced only by what has happened to Black Consumers in the last two years.

This approach by these entities devalues the importance of US Hispanic Consumers, our Industry and does not give clarity to the occurrences in the lives of Hispanic Consumers that resemble or possibly have impacted more than Black Consumers by the political stagnation we are experiencing in the USA.

There are many organizations in the business that either represent themselves as industry diversity platforms, trade journals and consumer interest platforms that only bring forth the Black Consumer, Marketing & Media Experience.

We were under the assumption and expect  that Hispanics are part of any conversation about Multicultural, BIPOC and /or People of Color in marketing & media.

Maybe not.

If we continue to support and allow the negative over-correction to continue to prevail, we have sold ourselves and our industry’s soul away.

To my industry colleagues in the agency, media, organizations,  academia and other important disciples of Marketing to Hispanics, your silence is deafening.

Nos estan cominedo los dulces.

Maybe we should begin to list companies in Corporate America that under spend in advertising expenditures against Hispanic and other minority demographics.

The best way to get rid of hypocrisy is with clarity.

¡Fuego!, ¡Fuego!, ¡Fuego!.

Gene Bryan – CEO / HispanicAd

P.S., just in case you have a question of my background, soy Latino ask the players in the Industry.



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