June 26, 2021

By Roberto Ruiz, EVP - Research, Insights and Analytics

Brands need to start walking the D&I talk. According to a Nielsen custom study commissioned by a third party, The ROI of Inclusivity, only about 10% of national TV ad spend across major categories was on diverse networks in 2020. Share of spend on these networks has declined since 2016 across all categories except electronics.

We found that it literally pays to partner with diverse media networks because reaching consumers in the right environment results in higher returns…in fact, you are missing out if you are not doing it. When we looked specifically at Spanish-language networks and CPG, brands NOT active in Spanish-language saw, on average, a 39% lower return on ad spend vs. those that were. What does that mean? It means your media budget isn’t working as hard as it should to drive your business. It means you’re missing out on a big part of America’s growth engine. It means even if you are reaching Hispanics in English, you are not necessarily connecting with them.

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