April 21, 2021

After a historic and challenging year, US consumers have become more reliant than ever on media for entertainment, information, and social connection. The pandemic has accelerated preexisting industry trends and altered entertainment-related behaviors, leading many to wonder which will stick after the crisis and what the implications may be for media and entertainment (M&E) businesses.

There is competition for audiences among a crowded field of streaming video providers, but also with other forms of entertainment. People are enjoying more paid and free options for streaming video and music services; video gaming is growing across generations; and more people are turning to social media for entertainment and news. But they only have so much time, attention, and money. As M&E companies vie for consumers, the next wave of disruption may lie with Generation Z—who prefers to play video games, stream music, and engage on social media, often simultaneously, rather than just watch TV or movies.

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