June 22, 2013

IZ-ON Media announced the availability of a new Audience Advertising Network, which enables advertisers to efficiently reach and engage the nation's Hispanic population along their path to purchase.

Each month, the IZ-ON Media™ Hispanic Advertising Network reaches over 34 million viewers of the fastest growing demographic in the US. Spanning big box retail, convenience and dining locations, advertisers now have the option to deliver targeted messages to consumers in English and/or Spanish for a deeper level of engagement.

"IZ-ON Media's new Hispanic Advertising Network makes it much easier for advertisers to connect with a population that is estimated to increase their annual spending by $500 billion to $1.5 trillion in the next three years1," said Roberto Santiago, Director of Client Services at La Agencia de Orci. "The Latino population is rapidly growing and is quickly becoming more educated and affluent, and is at the forefront of new shopping trends. By reaching Hispanic consumers in-store, where they often make their purchase decisions, brands are able to build lasting relationships with tomorrow's general market today."

Being educated, early adopters, social sharers and key trendsetters make Hispanics a prime audience for brands to touch out of the home early and often. Latinos are more than twice as likely as non-Latinos to follow new trends, be early adopters of new products, shop together as a family, and be among the first to share their experiences with their friends. They also enjoy shopping while immersing themselves in a store's atmosphere by a margin of almost three to one over non-Latinos2. And with 69% of Latino high school graduates attending college3, this group is fast becoming more educated and savvy shoppers.

"In today's society of sensory overload, brands realize that in order for their advertising to resonate, it has to be more relevant and targeted towards specific audiences. We are receiving more and more requests for geographic, behavioral, and demographic targeting from both agencies and direct clients," said Ahmad Ouri, IZ-ON Media's CEO. "Segmenting Hispanics and Male Millennials is just the beginning as we continue to develop solutions to solve advertisers' needs. This represents a key milestone in IZ-ON Media's evolution as we continue to lead the place-based media industry in new directions."

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