November 23, 2019

Telemundo Deportes has signed a multiplatform deal with ESR 24/7 eSports Channel to boost its esports offering with thousands of pieces of English-language content that will be used across its platforms every year starting this week.

The content will feature the entire range of esports entertainment from over ten different titles, such as Fortnite, FIFA, Apex Legends and Overwatch; live events, tournament highlights, short-form match highlights, streamers docuseries, reality, and streamers’ content from their partners and influencers. Their roster of esports stars and partners include Gen.G’s Fareeha, professional streamer Destinity who has nearly 500k followers on his Twitch channel, and gamer and streamer Tobuscus who has 6.3 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, to name a few.

Among some of the content that will be available on Telemundo Deportes is “Inside Fortnite World Cup,” an original documentary series produced by ESR around the Fortnite World Cup, the largest esports competition in history.  

“We are excited to provide our audience with more esports content that is appealing and bilingual,” said Eli Velazquez, EVP of Sports Content for Telemundo Deportes. “With the extensive content provided by ESR and the live, daily action from our streamers, we look to continue engaging with the Hispanic gaming community while increasing our involvement with the esports industry.”

Wendy Wang, ESR CEO commented, “It is exciting to work with Telemundo and all of our other partners to continue spreading the excitement of esports to audiences worldwide.”

The ESR programming will be presented on Telemundo Deportes’ esports channels available via the Telemundo Deportes app, YouTube, Twitch and Instagram. In addition, Titulares y Mas, Telemundo Deportes’ nightly sports and lifestyle show will continue to present esports news and trends, competition segments and special appearances of Telemundo’s streamers.

Telemundo Deportes’ esports channels will continue to present extensive content produced by its exclusive streamers that include Sofia “Kipi” Ornelas, Juan “Patan” Sotullo and Jaime “neroxx-” Penalosa, who recently joined the network to offer bilingual streams. The three streamers are playing over 70 live hours combined every week. Their content is also available on-demand and in short-form across Telemundo Deportes’ digital platforms.

“neroxx-” plays over 30 hours of Fornite live every week, livestreamed on Telemundo Deportes’ Twitch Channel. Highlights and short form content around his plays are available on Instagram and YouTube. Although new to the streaming world, the young, bilingual player was selected as Telemundo Deportes’ U.S. based streamer because of his nearly decade of gaming experience and ability to connect in either language with the ever-growing young Latino audience. His main game is Fortnite as he prepares to compete next year on the II Fortnite World Cup. He also started playing in Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare as a complement to Fortnite. He reached the Qualifiers of the first ever Fortnite World Cup in 2019, ranking in the top 3,000 out of 3 million players in North America East. Currently, Penalosa is ranked in the top 20% in the Fortnite Squads Hype Tournament held every Saturday on the North America East division which boasts over 7 million players.

Sofia “Kipi” Ornelas of Mexico livestreams over 20 hours of every week on YouTube. Her standout games are Overwatch and League of Legends for which she currently ranks as a Diamond player. She also plays Fornite and Apex. Kipi stands out for her mastery when it comes to shooting games as well as her engaging on-air personality. She currently  has over 23k followers on her personal Twitch account.

Juan “Patan” Sotullo of Argentina currently streams more than 20 hours a week on YouTube. Patan mainly plays EA Sports FIFA and holds the title of 3rd best player in the world, having ranked this highly on three separate occasions, and has been the U.S. champion as well. This is an incredible feat as FIFA 18 and 19 had 45 million unique console and PC players in 2019, numbers that help illustrate how fierce the competition is to reach the top. Juan also plays Apex Legends, Fortnite and Overwatch, ranking Platinum while playing tank in Overwatch.

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