June 02, 2015

Univision Digital, the digital division of Univision Communications Inc. (UCI) announced that it has joined the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Media Lab to explore cutting-edge technologies for news and information in the digital space. During the initial three-year engagement with the world-renowned Media Lab, the Univision Digital team will collaborate with faculty, research staff and students to identify the latest trends and technologies that will drive innovation in digital media.
UCI’s state-of-the-art news facility, Newsport, will serve as a practical tech hub where a select team of media innovators will experiment with new narratives and formats, enhanced user interactivity, creative techniques for socializing news stories, new advertising and audience trends, and much more, allowing inventions and emerging technologies to be implemented on a large scale for the first time ever at the leading multiplatform media company with the widest audience reach to Hispanics in the U.S.
“We’re really pleased to have Univision join the Media Lab and look forward to collaborating in the exploration of innovative digital technologies,” said Media Lab Director Joi Ito. “Creating advanced forms of storytelling will enable new ways to serve the information needs of Hispanic audiences in the U.S. and bring about new types of engagement for every kind of audience.”
“This collaboration with the MIT Media Lab is an important step in the digital transformation that UCI is currently undergoing to stay at the forefront of the digital age and continue to lead the way in media innovation,” said Isaac Lee, president of News and Digital for UCI and CEO of Fusion. “We look forward to working with the impressive team of creative minds at MIT to find new, out-of-the-box ways to present information and engage audiences, and are thrilled to be a practical testing ground for exceptional ideas and projects that could change the future of digital media.”

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