July 07, 2021

It is mid 2021, the new found social awareness is blooming, Corporate America is selling itself as WOKE and the Hispanic Marketing & Media Industry is lost in the conversation.

Ostracized is a better term and it is in full display in all Multicultural Marketing conversations that have occurred at the hands of mainstream trade marketing platforms.

The Hispanic Market is the Number One business marketing opportunity in the United States.

We need to declare our independence of the dependence of the Multicultural Marketing conversations.

The OVER-Compensation that is occurring in DEI marketing conversation today, ostracizes the importance and impact of marketing to US Hispanics.

The naiveté of mainstream journalist and editors has ostracized Hispanic Marketing & Media.

When is the last time you saw a good webinar that presented a balanced portrayal of the importance and impact of US Hispanic Market?

These mainstream trade journal entities defected from our industry when they each closed their distinctly separate Hispanic editions and eliminated Hispanic Marketing semi-focused journalists with keen understanding about our Industry.

The voices highlighted in these webinars really bring up the US Hispanic Market and disguise the Multicultural Conversation with terms like "Black & Brown", giving almost exclusive content coverage of the Black only.

Has Hispanic Marketing & Media been cancelled?

We submit to the industry at large two approaches:

  1. Demand that the Hispanic Marketing conversation MUST be extracted and defined separately from the Multicultural Bucket conversations, since we are the foundation and the dominant segment in the Bucket.  ¡PUNTO!
  2. Correct the advertisers, so they clearly understand that we have less similarities and more difference due to language and culture than what is being portrayed to exist in the Multicultural Bucket approach.

The current conversation demonstrate possibly that Corporate America and mainstream trade publications are over-correcting their interest & coverage strategies towards target Black Consumer and Marketing / Media Industries, thus once again ostracizes Hispanic Marketing.

Hispanic Marketing and Hispanic focused Media enjoys a robust industry that Black Marketing and Media would wish they would enjoy.¡PUNTO!

Black Marketing Executives are executing the perfect "game plan.  They are using Corporate America's new found WOKENESS towards the African American population, to sell and elevate Black Marketing to par with Hispanic Marketing.

Tactically they are eating our lunch or Nos Estan Comiendo Los Dulces.  Kudos to them, they own the conversation!

In conversations with high ranking Hispanic Executives at the client, media buying and marketing organizations, they have stated that they make exceptional efforts to discuss the "Over-Compensation" occurring in today's marketing conversations, since this not equitable to the market and a sound tactical solution based on the reality of what is important to the today's Business environment.

For all of you Hispanic Marketing & Media Executives that do not think we should "rock the boat" and defend our achievements, opportunities and future growth, you are currently defending only what we have and not what we could have.

Why are we playing nice, when have all the stats and facts in our corner to grow Hispanic Marketing & Media?

On July 12, HispanicAd will be publishing the 2021 Hispanic Market Overview.  Join us and see if "Diversity is Overrated."

The DE&I Marketing exercise is designed not to increase Ad Spend against the individual segments in the so called Multicultural Bucket, but to analyze, redistribute and equalize the current spend.  

So expects Hispanic Media oriented dollars to possibly go down.

So yes, the term Multicultural is a detriment to Hispanic Marketing and Media.

Our success and growth has to come at the expense of Multicultural Marketing and is dependent on what our Industry does best "targeting & reaching US Hispanics", regardless of our entities in the Multicultural Bucket.

So what are WE going to do about it?

Gene Bryan


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