December 10, 2015

Univision Communications Inc. in partnership with preeminent political research firms David Binder Research and Moore Information, released the findings of a study on the Hispanic voter profile that confirm that the Hispanic vote in the 2016 election season is up for grabs. Directly contradicting the common assumption that Hispanics always vote Democrat, the study found that 55% of Hispanic registered voters age 25-54 are persuadable and in fact, frequently cross party lines.

Key findings of the study include:

  • Identification: 55% of Hispanic voters identify as something other than strong Democrat or strong Republican – making them persuadable voters.
  • Cross party lines: Hispanic persuadable voters do cross party lines to vote for a candidate from the opposing party.
  • 61% of Republican/Independent Hispanic voters have voted for a Democratic candidate in the past, and 41% of Democratic/Independent Hispanic voters have voted for a Republican candidate.

The study also found that Hispanic persuadable voters have strong preferences for how they get the information that will influence their vote:

  • TV News: 67% of Hispanic persuadable voters say they get their information about political campaigns from TV news.
  • TV Advertising: 49% of Hispanic persuadable voters say they get information about political campaigns from TV advertising.
  • Digital: 48% of Hispanic persuadable voters say they get information about political campaigns from websites and the internet.

David Binder, founder of David Binder Research, said, “Despite historic voting patterns, Democratic candidates cannot assume they will automatically receive the Hispanic vote in 2016.  Our study found that the majority of Hispanic voters vote for the person, not the party, and are very open to learning more about any candidate who will focus on the issues they care most about. The Hispanic vote will be more valuable than ever in 2016 and each campaign needs to reach out to the Hispanic voter and earn their vote regardless of party affiliation.”

Bob Moore, founder of Moore Information, continued, “The fact that many Hispanic voters are entering this election season with an open mind and willing to consider candidates regardless of their party affiliation is great news for Republicans. There is a tremendous opportunity here for GOP candidates to speak directly with Hispanics about issues those voters care about most. The Hispanic electorate is telling us they want to hear what Republicans have to say and, if they like what they hear, are ready to support them.”

Based on a separate national survey, the top five issues that matter most to Hispanic persuadable voters age 25-54, in order of importance, are:

1.      Economy/jobs
2.      Healthcare
3.      Education
4.      National Security/Terrorism
5.      Immigration reform

Jose Valle, president of Political & Advocacy Group Sales, Univision Communications, added, “As we head full-speed toward 2016, we know Hispanic voters will play a critical role in determining our next President, as well as the outcome of key races around the country.  The reality is the Hispanic vote is up for grabs – and both parties have an opportunity to seize the vote of this influential electorate.  It is imperative that campaign managers make it a priority to win the support of Hispanic voters and there is no more effective way for candidates to reach them than through Univision platforms.”


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