January 15, 2008

HarperEntertainment, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers, announced the acquisition of an autobiography by boxing legend Oscar De La Hoya. To be called AMERICAN SON, De La Hoya's book will chronicle his rise as one of the most-talked about fighters in the history of boxing, a frank and touching memoir about his pursuit and achievement of the American Dream. The pre-emptive deal for the HarperEntertainment imprint was struck by Rene Alegria. The deal was made with Luke Janklow of Janklow/Nesbit for world rights with the book to be published on May 20th of this year.

“The time is right for me to tell my story,” says De La Hoya. “I've been through a lot, and have experienced some really amazing events in my life. But I try everyday to keep it all real and into perspective. I think the book will surprise many.”

"This is a success story that, in its retelling, can serve as an inspiration for millions," says Rene Alegria of the legend's life story. "Timely and provocative, the book is a story of an immigrant's son, whose early life-struggles deeply forged the life he enjoys today. With sports celebrities as heavily scrutinized as they are, this book will provide readers with new insight into the private life of this very public figure."

The son of Mexican-born immigrants, Oscar De La Hoya is one of the most beloved athletes in America, and one of the greatest boxers of all time, defeating over a dozen world champions and winning six world titles and an Olympic gold medal. Blessed with athletic grace and prowess-De La Hoya-The Goldenboy-also has an uncanny ability to strike it rich with everything he touches and has parlayed h is success in the ring into a multimillion dollar business. But his fortune and success have been hard earned. In AMERICAN SON, he talks about the hard work and perseverance it took to rise to the top, the strength of a solid work-ethic instilled in him by his parents, the fights he has won and lost on his rise to the top, and the pitfalls of stardom. Also, as the son of immigrants, he offers a very personal take on his own Hispanic-American identity. A tale of grit and determination, hard work and deeply held moral values, AMERICAN SON is a success story sure to inspire anyone hoping to make their own dream come true.

In AMERICAN SON, De La Hoya talks about:

-- His roots in Mexico. He traces the migration of the Gonzalez and De La Hoya families from Tecate and Durango to the barrio of East L.A. and fondly remembers the long, lazy days he spent on periodic trips back to the old country, running barefoot in the fields and bonding with the elders.

-- Winning the Olympic gold medal for his deceased mother. He opens up about the heart-wrenching experience of watching her die from breast cancer, his vow to win the gold for her, his struggles to do so and the day he brought that gold to her grave.

-- Memorable fights. He puts the reader in the ring for his famous matches, from Julio Cesar Chavez to Felix Trinidad to Floyd Mayweather, and provides juicy, behind-the-scenes anecdotes about other matches, including the girls he snuck into his room.

-- Money, money, money. He shows the difficulties of being the Golden Boy, a teen-ager suddenly worth millions, trying to separate the good guys from the shysters, getting ripped off by a business advisor and finally finding financial security and establishing a burgeoning business empire under the guidance of former Swiss banker Richard Schaefer.

-- The wild life. He details his gambling habits, his interaction with celebrities like Paris Hilton and the night he broke down crying in the midst of a party, realizing how far he had drifted from the family life he so desperately wanted.

-- Family. He discusses his kids, both in and out of wedlock, his womanizing, his therapy sessions and the ultimate happiness he has discovered with his beloved wife Millie and their two young children.


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