November 12, 2012

Online video is becoming an increasingly important marketing channel, with significant numbers of brands leveraging this platform. Kantar Media analyzed ads appearing on national TV and leading online video sites in October, and found that of the more than 4,100 brands advertising through either channel, 23% used online video, with 12% advertising on both online video and national TV, and 11% advertising on online video exclusively. Meanwhile, 77% of brands used national TV advertising exclusively.

These insights come from a new online video ad tracking service launched today by Kantar Media that is the industry’s first to monitor actual occurrences and creative for video ads appearing on more than 90 top online video sites.

Kantar Media’s Online Video Measurement service captures pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll video ads playing within videos shown on over 90 leading video websites – an exclusive new capability in the marketplace. It enables monitoring of video ads by property, brand and creative – allowing clients to view and download the actual video ads – including trend analysis of ad unit volume. Clients can use the service to manage the online video platform more efficiently through competitive insights, better understanding of messaging trends influencing a brand’s audience and comparisons across 21 different types of media.

According to analysis of data from the tracking service, of the industries that used both national TV advertising and online video advertising during October 2012, restaurants and automotive were the most likely to use both channels, at 43% and 30% of brands advertising respectively, while Internet communications and content companies as well as resort and travel companies were the most likely to use online video advertising exclusively, at 39% and 28% respectively.

“Consumer interest in online video is surging, but to date companies have had little insight into how this important channel is being used for marketing and advertising campaigns,” says George Carens, President of Kantar Media Intelligence North America. “Our new service enables detailed tracking of information for the ads playing within online videos, providing a glimpse for the first time into the dynamics that are making online video one of the fastest growing digital advertising segments. This will be an invaluable tool for marketers who want to monitor competitive activities in this area and for media sellers to assess which industries and brands are leading users of the platform.”

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