February 11, 2013

Jivox released findings of its rich media survey, which evaluated the adoption, usage and challenges of running rich media ad campaigns. The survey includes responses from 100 participants at leading ad agencies with job roles that span media buyers/planners, creative and account management.

The survey found that 51 percent of ad agencies have seen an increase in client demand for dynamic rich media ads and another 20 percent expect to see more interest in 2013. This demand in-part is due to standardized ad formats, like the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) large canvas “Rising Stars,” and also the decline in interest in static ads, as noted by Forrester.

However, while adoption is rapid those that are running rich media ads are finding it stressful, with 88 percent agreeing that it is a somewhat to very stressful process. Another 42 percent stated that it’s a painful process to run rich media ads across screens and 15 percent don’t even try. The need to run rich media across screens is increasingly important, as according to recent findings 69 percent of all Internet users access the Web through a mobile device. If these rich media ads are in flash or not optimized for mobile, they won’t render effectively which will limit impressions and campaign ROI.

“From our survey we found the desire for highly engaging dynamic rich media ad formats has greatly intensified as more brands realize the opportunity to dramatically improve ad effectiveness,” said Diaz Nesamoney, CEO and founder of Jivox. “At the same time, the influx of mobile devices has created new challenges and frustrations for advertisers. These findings show that we need to move to the next generation of ad platforms that are adaptive, real-time and more efficient – only then can we alleviate some of the stress that traditional rich media causes.”

Highlights of the findings include:

51 percent have seen an increase in requests of dynamic rich media ads and another 20 percent expect to see more interest in 2013

Out of those that run rich media campaigns across screens/devices 42 percent say it’s a painful process

66 percent would recommend more rich media campaigns if production times and cost were half what they are now

50 percent state that the average time to complete a rich media creative/production is one to two weeks while 40 percent stated it takes longer than three weeks

88 percent agree it’s somewhat stressful-to-very stressful to execute rich media campaigns using current processes

31 percent said they almost always experienced delays in campaigns due to last minute creative changes or rich media ad production and 62 percent said they sometimes experienced delays.

48 percent agree that creative production/changes to creative is the most challenging part of running a rich media campaign, while 26 percent think delays and poor implementation is the biggest challenge

Out of the 5 percent that are not running rich media campaigns 50 percent state that the reason for that is because they are expensive and cumbersome

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