April 02, 2013

Procter & Gamble Co.'s Gain brand of laundry detergents and dish soaps-a dominant brand among Hispanic consumers-has launched its first online novela in a bid to further grow its share of Latinos.

Dubbed “Aroma de Amor,” the web-only Spanish-language novela seeks to connect with consumers while entertaining them with original content, the company notes. Featuring love, friendship, and royalty wrapped into a storyline that puts Gain front and center, the novela features actors Melvin Cabrera, Gabriela Vergara, Fernanda Romero, and Angie Russian.

The first episode will debut Wednesday, May 8, on the Gain YouTube channel http://www.youtube.com/Gain>. Four episodes of “Aroma de Amor” will air during May.

BY Adam R Jacobson, for HispanicAd.


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