June 16, 2002

Sonja Mazón Rubalcava, Director of Strategic Planning at Arvizu Advertising and Promotions was recognized with the Hispanic Leadership Institute Public Service Award at the Hispanic Leadership Institute's Graduation and 15th Year Anniversary.

The Hispanic Leadership Institute's Graduation and 15th Year Anniversary is an event held to recognize individuals who have successfully completed the 17-week leadership program. In its 2nd year of existence, the HLI staff continues to highlight one individual through the Public Service Award who demonstrates active involvement in the Hispanic community and whose priority is to make a difference in the lives of others.

Sonja Mazon-Rubalcava, Director of Strategic Planning at Arvizu Advertising and Promotions, is responsible for three critical corporate components, Corporate Strategic Planning, Account Service, and Public Relations. She provides the executive support required in the Account Service process while maintaining relationships with our Media and Public Relations partners. In addition, Sonja provides a strong supportive role to the CEO and COO regarding staff matters.

Sonja joined Arvizu in November 1999 with over 21 years Management experience in the Telecommunications industry. Sonja lived in the Southwestern region of the United States while with AT&T and developed a strong background in Marketing and Sales through her Call Center Management experience. Sonja was the Director of Strategic Planning for a Wireless Systems Engineering firm that launched wireless systems networks for AT&T and Regional Bell Operating Companies.

As a native of Phoenix, Arizona, Sonja is very involved in community projects such as the Hispanic Women's Conference, AT&T HISPA, Fiestas Patrias, and Friendly House, to name a few. Sonja was a recipient of a $20,000 fellowship with the National Hispana Leadership Institute enabling her to study at the Kennedy Center of Public Policy at Harvard University and to lobby congressional members on important national issues facing the Hispanic community.

Sonja earned her Master's of Business Administration from Arizona State University's Master's Executive Program in May 1999. Sonja is married to her husband Andrew Rubalcava, with the Arizona Attorney General's Office, and has three teenage children Elisa, Andy, and Analise. Her hobbies are gourmet cooking, entertaining, and supporting her children's sports teams.

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