August 10, 2002 thanks our readers for the continued support of our online publication. Your comments about the accessibility, reliability and daily coverage, motivates us to continue to strive harder at delivering your expectations.

We also aware that many other trade journals only report on Monday. So what happens on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday ... no news?

We at know that the news does not stop on Monday. You need news and information that is current and useful to help your be a better professional ..... every business day.

We also thank you for sending our pages to your clients, advertisers and key contacts. The results have increased our user base in the last year by 100%. Making the most read Hispanic focused trade journal in the business.

We also thank the Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies (AHAA) for selecting to create and manage the annual "Media Planning Awards".

We are the only Hispanic focused trade journal that has established an on-going alliance with AHAA, the American Advertising Federation, the National Hispanic Corporate Council, the New America Alliance and the National Society of Hispanic MBA's.

We also thank our loyal advertisers that support our efforts in delivering the news and resources you need.

Expect more from and we are FREE!



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