June 15, 2003

HispanicAd.com continues the tradition of seeking nominations for our coveted executive awards.

We are seeking nominations for two awards that will be given at the Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies conference in Los Angeles on Friday September 12th, 2003.

Agency Executive of the Year

We seek nominations for that individual in the advertising agency environment that has contributed to the growth of our Industry.

Creative Director of the Year

We are seeking nominations for the individual who has help define the creative dynamic process in our Industry.

Award recipients to date are:

Ad Executive of the Year:

Daisy Exposito Ulla - The Bravo - 2002

Tony Dieste - Dieste Harmel & Associates - 2001

Tere Zubizarreta - Zubi Advertising - 2000

Al Aguilar - Creative Civilization - 1999

Creative Director of the Year:

Aldo Quevedo - Dieste Harmel & Associates 2002

Luis Miguel Messianu del Rivero Messianu DDB - 2001

All nominations are to be send via e-mail to:


Nomination period is from 7/3/2003 to 8/8/2003. Voting period is from 8/9/2003 to 8/29/2003.

Previous winners will not be eligible for nomination for two (2) years.

All voting is strictly confidential. HispanicAd.com adheres to strict privacy guidelines. All nominations, information and materials received / submitted for these awards program are the sole property of HispanicAd.com and Hispanic Media Sales, Inc.

The HispanicAd.com 'Advertising Agency Executive of the Year', 'Media Executive of the Year', 'Media Planning Executive of the Year' and the 'Creative Director of the Year' awards, the program, all nominations, correspondence, e-mails and other forms of communications received in reference to these awards, are the sole property of HispanicAd.com and Hispanic Media Sales, Inc. All results are final.

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