August 18, 2006

Sometimes things have a way of generating an unplanned impulse. The energy generated over the last few days, around our forum on The Independent Agency, has created what to us at is perhaps the most important, besides the interest of our readers. We are referring to a renewed pride in what we do and the need to defend its significance with our general market counterparts.

The passion of all our interviewees, their level of expertise, their sharp intelligence and their "Fuego Latino" have served to ignite the imagination of many of our readers. The number of clicks has surpassed all other records!

It is thrilling that this is all happening before the AHAA conference in Miami. For us, it means a rising sense of conviction on the part of our market practitioners. A dam ready to overflow, maybe because the market needs to clear the way for a future wave.

As we welcome the return of Daisy Expósito-Ulla to the industry, we also sense a renewed awareness of the many dangers out there. The questions abound: Will the wave of media going global continue or will clients finally learn and understand what gets lost in such "translation"? Are we faced with a wave of persuasion by which Corporate America will at last understand that our Hispanic media experts bring an unimaginable wealth of knowledge, the art of the buy? Are we about to address the need of stopping what some describe as leaving a country without its currency?

Creative energy, creative thinking are hard to stop and what people are taking away from our recent series is that these forces are signaling a bright future for our industry. Thank you, Carl, Alex, Daisy, Joe, Manny. You make our industry proud! And thank you to all independents who, at this time, were not part of the forum.

To expand on how others see this future, is now creating a forum of the holding company-owned companies and how they see the market today. It should be interesting.

In the meantime, let's get ready for AHAA in Miami. And welcome Daisy. Your energy and inspiration will help push the way for the future we all want for our industry.

Ya es hora!


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