August 28, 2009

interTrend communications, Inc., alongside its longtime client J. C. Penney Company, Inc. are proud to announce their recognition by the American Advertising Federation (AAF) for multiethnic media usage with a Mosaic Award.

The concept of the “Double Happiness” campaign came from the understanding that while Asian Americans are inclined to celebrate Western holidays because they live in the U.S., they have deeper connections to their homeland holidays. One particular holiday is Christmas, for which the timing is in close proximity to the Lunar New Year, the most celebrated holiday in Asia. While Asian Americans feel deeply rooted to the Lunar New Year, they cannot help but to enjoy the holiday cheer in the U.S. around Christmas time. Thus, Asian Americans are torn during the gift giving season. Born from this insight was the “Double Happiness” campaign, which fused the holidays together to provide double the holiday cheer. “The campaign appealed to the sentiments of the Asian American consumer because it showed that JCPenney was insightful about the cultural differences and making efforts to incorporate them into their campaigns,” noted Julia Huang, president and chief executive officer of interTrend.

With the powerful campaign in hand, interTrend devised a media campaign that took advantage of the strengths of each media vehicle (TV, print, radio) by customizing the message for each platform while also recognizing the evolution of the market towards digital. Each media served as an overlay to the digital campaign keeping with the “Double Happiness” theme while driving traffic to the microsite. The in-language microsite not only helped consumers browse top gift offerings at JCPenney but also offered a “gift-configurator” that utilized Asian zodiacs, age and other characteristics to help suggest the perfect gift. The strong creative concept, executed through a multi-platform media campaign that brought it to life in mass media, was also extended into the stores themselves with the incorporation of the JCPenney red envelope gift card holder.

“As an Asian American advertising agency, interTrend keeps up to date with the evolution of media and the ever changing consumer market. This data, coupled with the insights that we hold of the Asian American market, allows us to create campaigns for JCPenney that connect uniquely and effectively with each consumer,” shared Michael Vitug, Media Director at interTrend.

With the extensive media usage and messaging, the microsite generated over 14 million impressions from display ads and close to 25,000 interactions with the gift-configurator.

“We have been focused on connecting with the Asian American consumer for many years and are proud to be recognized -- along side our valuable partner interTrend -- for our commitment to this important and growing community,” said Mike Boylson, chief marketing officer for JCPenney.

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