May 25, 2007

Foster Farms announced the launch of a new outdoor advertising campaign featuring four interactive billboards along popular L.A. freeway routes. The ‘cutting edge’ billboards will depict the Foster Imposters in an evolving, friendly feud with Mexican recording artists Los Tucanes de Tijuana. The billboards, created by Long Beach-based advertising firm Grupo Gallegos, promise elements of surprise throughout the campaign?s eight week run, and will be highly visible along the freeways of four -Latino communities in Los Angeles starting on June 20, 2007.

“Latino families throughout California have been so positive about the Foster Imposter and Los Tucanes match up. Consumers have asked us where they would see them next,” said Pete Hernandez, Assistant Marketing Manager for Foster Farms. “I won’t spoil the surprise, but these aren’t typical billboards. This campaign will make daily drives of commuters more interesting and informative.”

The Foster Imposters are the two out-of-state, junk food-eating chickens who, in their repeatedly failed attempts to impersonate Foster Farms chickens, highlight the superior qualities of the always fresh, always natural, locally-grown Foster Farms birds. The Foster Imposters and Los Tucanes de Tijuana have been involved in a friendly feud since last September, when Los Tucanes released a corrido style song warning Latino consumers of the Imposters? unhealthy diet and their desperate attempts to become wholesome, natural, local Foster Farms chicken.

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