January 05, 2002

TroyCarter.net, an online promotion for one of New Orleans's leading Mayoral candidates, launched today just three days before Election Day. Troy Carter's new interactive ad campaign is considered to be a first in the New Orleans Mayor's race, using both a "splash page" and "banner ads" to showcase Carter's message.

"This online approach is a cost-effective way for our GOTV campaign to mobilize Troy's 'opt-in-only' database," said Carter's campaign manager Ron Nabonne. "The goal was to create a straight-forward grassroots approach that inspired people to get involved by giving supporters a Web-based promotion to email to their friends and family."

In addition to the scrolling images and bold words, the Splash Page also serves as a registration form that allows supporters to send up to ten email endorsement to friends. The TroyCarter.net promotion, created by Voter Interactive, is scheduled to run exclusively on http://www.BayouBuzz.com throughout the remainder of the campaign.

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