January 24, 2003

The Committee for Justice, a nonprofit group backing President Bush's judicial nominees, will begin airing its 30-second TV spot "Land of Opportunity" in Spanish on Hispanic television outlets in select markets starting next week.

The commercial, which has received wide coverage for its comparison of intolerance against race, creed and color with the intolerance demonstrated by Senate Democrats over ideology and personal beliefs, urges Americans to tell Senate Democrats to give up plans to block Miguel Estrada, the first Hispanic nominated for a top federal appeals court seat.

Senate Democrats are currently filibustering Estrada's nomination, an unprecedented maneuver that will require 60 votes -- a super-majority -- to bring Estrada's name to the Senate floor for debate and a vote.

"This ad is a sharp reminder that intolerance has no place in America," said C. Boyden Gray, chairman of the Committee for Justice. "We are airing the commercial in Spanish to reach the Hispanic community and make it aware of the disgraceful and even dangerous tactics being employed by Senate Democrats to block the nomination of such a well-qualified candidate.

"The radical liberals in Congress and the pressure groups that support them have one simple complaint about Miguel Estrada - that he isn't a Democrat and he isn't a liberal. That kind of narrow-minded bias has no place in a body that must pass judgment on the President's nominees to senior judicial positions."

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