May 05, 2002

BitTime announced the launch of a creative and original sales incentive promotion - Microsoft Evolution - directed to Microsoft's distributors in Latin America. Microsoft Evolution is a promotion with an odyssey through time as its theme. Geared towards increasing distributor sales and eliminating Microsoft product piracy, the Microsoft Evolution program motivates product managers, sales representatives, commercial marketing directors and Microsoft Distribution Account Managers to achieve their revenue quotas.

All participating distributors begin at the 'Pre-historic Era', facing Cave Pirates that must be defeated by selling participating Microsoft products. Every two weeks participants zap through time to a new era, where they must combat the pirate of that period. In total, there are four Eras: 'Pre-historic Era', 'Viking Era', 'Pirate Era' and 'Space Era'.

The goal is to reach the Space Era and rid the world of pirates-in particular, pirated Microsoft products. Each Microsoft product sold yields participants a number of "YEARS" - the promotion's virtual currency - so they can travel forward through time to a new era. YEARS are deposited automatically in each participant's account and can be exchanged for local and international rewards from an online catalog. In addition, participants who reach their quotas are rewarded with double the number of "YEARS" and participate in monthly sweepstakes where they can win trip certificates to travel to the destination of their choice. Furthermore, participants can watch their own progress, as well as how other distributors are doing, in real time through graphics.

The program is scheduled to run between May 1st and June 30th 2002, simultaneously in the following countries: Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Jamaica, Martinique, Panama, Peru, Uruguay, Colombia, and the U.S (Miami).

"Microsoft hired BitTime to launch a creative and different promotion for Microsoft distributors," said Alberto Gross, BitTime President and Founder. "BitTime knew that Microsoft would not engage in a promotion that was less than the best, it had to be an innovative and effective incentive program to reward its sales channels. BitTime understood the challenge and delivered it. I am sure that the exciting theme, new online functionalities and easy mechanics will be key to the success of Microsoft Evolution."

"We needed to engage the distributor sales force in innovative yet easy to implement promotions. BitTime offers both in a dynamic, rapid-response and flexible environment that provides support to participants," said Wanda Sommer, Channel Marketing Manager supporting Small Business Group for Microsoft Latin America. "Evolution Microsoft allows each country to create activities around a common theme for the Latin American region, enabling each market to respond to its specific needs, all linked with an on-line promotion geared to measurable sales objectives."

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