May 18, 2002

Miller Brewing Company, selected seven participants from the "Solo Boxeo" promotion and the "Get the Goods Campaign" to participate in the Vargas Boxing Fantasy Camp at Fernando Vargas' personal home and training facility in the Big Bear Mountains of California.

Participants began with a jog led by Fernando Vargas, followed by a light training session with the boxing champion's personal trainer and coach, Eduardo Garcia. Their boxing skills were then put to the test during a personal sparring session with Fernando Vargas.

"Miller is very proud of its association with Fernando Vargas and thrilled about the opportunity to give fans an inside look at what it takes to be a champion," said Ron Acosta, Miller Lite Communications

Vargas is the most recent sports personality sponsored by Miller Brewing Company, a company well known for supporting many Hispanic community causes and successful Latinos. Vargas, who serves as a key spokesperson for Miller's "Live responsibly" campaign, recently completed several television commercials that feature the boxer's take on what it means to live responsibly. Miller is also the title sponsor of the Vargas - De la Hoya match labeled "Bad Blood" by the boxing promoters in a reference to the marked rivalry between the two contenders.

The weekend ended with a party where participants, along with Vargas, gathered for a special closed circuit viewing of the Tyson vs. Lewis fight on Saturday night.

"Miller Brewing Company has given me the opportunity to meet the fans that encourage me to always be my best," said Vargas. "This weekend was special because I got to meet the fans face-to-face and share with them the commitment it takes to be successful in the ring and in life - values that are consistent with Miller's 'Live Responsibly' campaign."

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