December 10, 2000

In response to streaming media industry demand for more detailed audience size and demographic information, and for rankings of leading on-line broadcasters, MeasureCast, Inc. released its first monthly analysis of the Internet radio industry.

"We have become a primary source of regular and frequent statistical information for the Internet's streaming media industry," explained MeasureCast CEO Edward Hardy. "In addition to our weekly Internet Radio Top 25 List, MeasureCast is now pleased to offer monthly Internet radio industry roundup reports, which give advertisers, media buyers and Internet broadcasters the streaming audience size, demographic information and monthly trends that they need to evaluate and place streaming media advertising in a timely manner."

The December 2000 report shows that ABC Radio's terrestrial stations dominated MeasureCast's top 25 ranking, winning 14 of the top 25 spots, including the top two spots. Six stations on this month's list are Internet-only. The ranking is based on Total Time Spent Listening (TTSL) - the total number of hours listeners access an on-line station's streamed content.

Talk radio emerged as the leading format, followed by News/Talk and Contemporary Hit Radio/Top 40. However, the newly named "Listener Formatted" format gained popularity. Offered by broadcasters such as, "Listener Formatted" stations give on-line radio listeners the ability to choose their favorite genres, and customize their music mix. The top 10 formats for December 2000 were: Talk Radio (1); News/Talk (2); Contemporary Hit Radio/Top 40 (3); Classic Rock (4); Adult Contemporary (5); Spanish (6); Rock (7); Country (8); Alternative Rock (9); Listener Formatted (10).

Other facts from the December 2000 reporting include:

-- 26 percent of Internet radio listeners were aged 25-34, followed by 35-44 year olds (24 percent), 18-24 year olds (18
percent), 45-54 year olds (17 percent), 13-17 year-olds (8 percent), 55-64 year-olds (6 percent), and people 65 and older
(2 percent).

-- More men (71.5 percent) listen to Internet radio than do women (28.5 percent).

-- Listening during days on or around holidays and weekends was significantly lower than on other days, suggesting that many listeners tune in from work.

-- For stations measured by MeasureCast, the majority of listeners were located in the United States, followed by Canada, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Australia, Japan, and France.

-- California had more Internet radio listeners than any other state, followed by Texas, Florida, New York and Illinois.

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