January 07, 2001

Cheskin conducted its latest study on the Digital World of the US Hispanic during October and November of 2000, thus having comparative data between the first and fourth quarters of the year. The fourth quarter of the year 2000 wave was a national telephone sample of 2,257 US Hispanics 18 years of age and older.

The results show that in the year 2000 alone the percentage of Hispanic households containing someone who has a computer increased from 42.3% to 46.9%. That is a dramatic increase in computer penetration reflecting an expansion rate of almost 11% in less than a year. This compares very favorably with the overall US population with 51% household computer penetration.

These are good news for computer marketers who are currently experiencing a slowdown in their marketing of computers to the general market. They can take advantage of the opportunity and concentrate further efforts on the US Hispanic market to revitalize their sales efforts.

Gateway computer sold record numbers of computers to Hispanics last year alone. Among US Hispanic adults we found that brand ownership for Gateway went up from 9% in the first quarter to 15% in the last quarter of 2000, representing approximately 400,000 computers. This robust response shows that efforts by marketers are rewarded by the Hispanic market.

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