December 23, 2000

NetRatings, Inc. and Harris Interactive Inc. introduced a comprehensive eCommerce research service focused on online consumer spending, behavior and attitudes. The new service, eCommercePulse, integrates eCommerce survey data collected from Harris Interactive's survey panel of more than seven million online users with data and insights from the Nielsen//NetRatings audience measurement panel.

eCommercePulse is the first single-source eCommerce intelligence service for merchants, investors and suppliers. Covering more than 300 eCommerce sites across 14 key vertical markets, eCommercePulse provides integrated monthly reports on eCommerce behavior, trends and spending (both online spending and offline spending that result from online shopping). Armed with this critical consumer shopping information, which includes market-level and site-level traffic, purchaser and revenue share and customer satisfaction metrics, companies will be able to make the most informed business decisions possible. In addition, eCommercePulse provides companies with a platform of pre-screened Harris Poll Online consumers that can be tapped for follow-on customized research on a cost-effective basis.

The markets covered by eCommercePulse include Books, Music, Video, Clothing & Apparel, Computer Hardware & Peripherals, Computer Software, Consumer Electronics, Fitness & Sports Equipment, Health & Beauty, Travel Services, Auctions, Flowers, Gifts & Cards, Home & Garden, and Toys.

"Combining the Harris Interactive eCommerce survey data and the Nielsen//NetRatings audience measurement data offers a complete picture of eCommerce activity. They each represent a separate piece to the puzzle necessary for understanding the dynamics of the eCommerce marketplace," said Gordon S. Black, chairman and CEO of Harris Interactive. "This alliance with NetRatings is a natural evolution for both firms and will provide the marketplace with a one-stop source for all eCommerce intelligence needs."

"eCommercePulse tracks an unprecedented level of online purchase behavior, including dollars spent online and offline, customer satisfaction and demographic profiles," said Dave Toth, CEO of NetRatings. "The new service meets a critical need for online and offline merchants who require timely and accurate market intelligence to help drive more effective advertising, sales and merchandising programs."

Based in part on more than 400,000 eCommerce-related consumer surveys per year, eCommercePulse provides the following key performance metrics for leading e-tailing sites and markets:

-- Consumer mindshare/brand awareness

-- Shopping and purchasing behavior

-- Online and offline channel distribution

-- Online spending as well as offline spending that results from online shopping

-- Purchaser share and revenue share

-- Customer satisfaction & retention

-- Demographic/cybergraphic profiles

The first complete eCommercePulse data set from January 2001 will be available in February 2001. Research reports for 1999 and 2000 are currently available.

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