January 06, 2001

UnoDosTres, an Internet television network, serving the English, Spanish and Portuguese speaking communities worldwide, and Nikolai, a network of web sites for families and children, have reached an agreement to create a new venture by combining their talents to provide television entertainment, Interactive TV educational programming series, and interactive educational animation series to millions of on-line users worldwide.

The new venture/alliance will leverage UnoDosTres' existing distribution channels in both the U.S. and Latin America, and Nikolai's award winning educational and entertainment content to provide unique, high-quality content via the television and the Internet. Both companies intend to increase their distribution and reach by partnering with other distributors in the U.S., Latin America, the Iberian Peninsula, Canada and worldwide. The venture intends to package both customized and universal content for localized markets to delight children and adults.

Isabel Hoffmann, president and CEO of Nikolai expressed her delight with this alliance. "I am very excited by this unique opportunity to extend Nikolai's brand and award winning content into the emerging U.S. Hispanic and Latin American markets. I look forward to expanding our reach and market share with the assistance of UnoDosTres Internet Television Network and am very pleased with the immediate revenue opportunities for both groups that this alliance creates."

"UnoDosTres has just signed an agreement that will lead to a dynamic and innovative TV syndication property," stated Carlos Barba, chairman & CEO of UnoDosTres. "It is the quality of the product that appeals to the consumer of the future, the young generation, who can relate to the Internet, computer video games and television. The quality of the content and the technology make this synergy extremely attractive to users worldwide." Barba continued to say, "this is also an excellent vehicle for advertisers."

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