December 18, 2019

LaLiga North America introduce a brand-new documentary series, Latinos in LaLiga, that features intimate and in-depth interviews with the Latino stars of the world's best futbol league. Latinos in LaLiga is the tenth series launched since last season that specifically targets a North American audience, both English and Spanish speaking.

Latinos in LaLiga features players from assorted clubs, countries, and cultures, and includes interviews with Chimy Avila, Choco Lozano, Roberto Rosales, Stiven Plan, and many more. Fans can tune in each week to LaLiga's YouTube page, and engage with the series using the hashtag #LaLigaAmerica.

This is the newest initiative from LaLiga to target their North American fans directly, specifically the Latino demographic that might not otherwise experience their heroes so directly. By providing these tangible touchpoints for fans in the US and Canada to interact with the league more easily, LaLiga continues to further its mission of growing the sport of soccer at a grassroots level in North America.

"We're incredibly proud to bring our Latino fans this level of access, to these extraordinary players and their stories," said Head of Content and Distribution for the US, Adrian Segovia. "This new series marks a inflection point for LaLiga, in that we are actively working to provide touchpoints from the league, the players, and the stories of the brand to our North American fans that have had limited exposure to them thus far."

Currently available episodes are as follows:

    Stiven Plan 

    Roberto Rosales  

    Choco Lozano  

    Chimy Avila    


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