July 16, 2013

MTV Tr3s announced a new programming slate.

"The new programming slate is a perfect illustration of how MTV Tr3s embraces the U.S. Latino youth segment and their unique and diverse tastes. The wide variety of content and its multi-platform attributes are sure to resonate with our audience," said Jose Tillan, General Manager/Executive Vice President, MTV Tr3s.

"Since our launch three years ago, young Latinos have made MTV Tr3s their must-watch channel and must-visit website. They've provided invaluable input and feedback on their programming and content preferences and as always, we are listening and responding," said Lily Neumeyer, Vice President of Programming and Production, MTV Tr3s.

Isa TKM (Isa Te Quiero Mucho,) the runaway success and number one hit among teens (12-17) in Mexico, is an original teen telenovela that combines humor, music and romance. It centers around Isa (short for Isabella,) a charismatic teenager on the verge of her first love, her first kiss and finding out who her real parents are. It is the first telenovela to make the MTV Tr3s program schedule.

The cast from Isa TKM has been drawing throngs of teens in personal appearances across Latin America. After spending weeks at the top of the sales charts in countries throughout the region, (#1 album in Mexico, Venezuela and Colombia, and top 10 in Argentina,) U.S. fans are eagerly awaiting the release of the first Isa TKM cast CD (Sony Music) available on July 21. There will also be a free iPhone application for Isa TKM, where fans can go daily to look at pictures of the cast, teasers and interviews.

Isa TKM is a co-production between Nickelodeon Latin America and Sony Pictures Television (SPT). Isa TKM will air Monday through Friday and premieres on June 22 at 5:00PM.

Interactivity is at the center of young Latinos' DNA which is why MTV Tr3s is turning over the programming reigns in El Click, a show where viewers are the source. Viewers visit elclick.mtvtr3s, where they will get the opportunity to participate in interactive segments around topics that interest them like "Sexsi Sexno," "Tr3ndy" and "El Clone."

Those who are selected will have their "15 seconds of fame" on-air on MTV Tr3s. El Click's entire content is viewer-generated including comments, pictures, dedications and participation, which are featured during their favorite artists' music video clips. El Click airs Monday through Friday and premieres on June 1 at 3:30PM.

Quiero Mi Boda is also featured on the MTV Tr3s programming slate and is the first Quiero Mis Quinces spin-off. The weekly program celebrates the "bodas" (weddings) that bring Latino families together and allows viewers to accompany young Latino couples in all their wedding preparations: from arranging the party, the church rituals and the cake, to compiling the extensive invitation list which includes countless relatives. Beyond the fun, Quiero Mi Boda is full of the telenovela-like drama that comes with finding the right dress or the clash of cultures when marrying a "gringo." And, as with any celebration, there will be plenty of food, music and dancing, laughter, excitement and tears. Quiero Mi Bodas premieres early 2010.

MTV Tr3s will also continue to capture and share the cultural duality, traditions and rights of passage of young Latinas in the fourth season of its original series.

The new season builds on the success of Quiero Mis Quinces - Season 3 in which viewers were introduced to a new crop of U.S. Latinas as they prepared for their special "quinceanera" event and their transition from "muchachitas" to "mujeres". This past season featured original U.S. based productions, ancillary programs, widespread marketing efforts and rich online offerings.


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