10 Important Reasons To Attend The NGLC Conference.

   As I write this blog entry with just a few days to go until the NGLC Conference, I’m remembering the last piece I wrote about five years ago entitled “Time to Bake a Bigger Pie.”  It touched upon the importance of our industry embracing the entire U.S. Hispanic market opportunity (or “pie,” as we sometimes refer to it), and the potential ramifications of not fully leveraging all segments.  Put another way, when the 2010 Census numbers come out, advertisers will have a renewed and aggressive interest in tapping into the U.S. Hispanic market’s $1 trillion purchasing power.  Currently they’re spending $4 billion to find a way in.  However, a key question we must ask, is what’s the plan to grow from $4 billion into a more proportionate share of total ad spending that mirrors our population contribution over the next few years.

Although there are many ways to achieve this goal that we’ll surely discuss at the NGLC Conference on April 5th, I’m certain of one thing.  It cannot be done unless we harness the FULL potential of all 45+ million U.S. Hispanics, of which the majority are New Generation Latinos.  In the midst of recent controversy noted right here on HispanicAd.com, and the incredible opportunity that lies ahead when the Census numbers are revealed, it’s an ideal time to take stock of who we are as an industry and where we want to go.  The NGLC Conference will be a great forum to do just that.  If you haven’t already visited our website, I encourage you to do so at CLICK HERE.  For anyone who’s still trying to find at least one good reason to come on April 5th, here’s ten for you to consider.

10 Important Reasons To Attend The NGLC Conference:

10.) The NGLC is the only trade organization exclusively dedicated to representing the New Generation Latino audience in a B2B conference setting.

9.) When the 2010 Census numbers further reinforce that U.S.-borns are driving Hispanic population growth, there will be a renewed interest in NGLs.  Now is the time to understand and educate our clients about this critically important market sector.

8.) Embracing our market across all segments is the best way to ensure our ad spend better mirrors our percentage of the total U.S. population going forward.  Today, that ratio is loosely a 5% U.S. Hispanic ad spend vs. a 20% Hispanic contribution to the total U.S. population.

7.) As we in our industry continue to define NGLs, we lower the risk of them being too simply characterized as “general market,” and therefore being under-capitalized and under-represented.

6.) NGLs are the majority of U.S. Hispanics online today.  With Digital being the fastest growing media sector from both an audience and spending standpoint, it’s critical that we educate the market about NGLs role in this space.

5.) From industry leaders to celebrities to rising media stars, our conference will provide an exciting NEW array of speakers and content for those who attend.  NGLC conferences are known for their unique line-ups and content-first approach.

4.) Supporting the NGLC conference will enable our organization to grow and further educate the media, marketing and entertainment worlds about the importance of New Generation Latinos.

3.) We who have defined and built this market should be the ones who guide its future from BOTH a linguistic AND cultural perspective.  The NGLC is committed to that mission, and supporting our conference is a productive way to reinforce that you are too.

2.) New Generation Latinos represent the majority of our market and the $1 trillion dollars (and growing) it spends each year.  By respecting where we’ve come from and embracing where we’re going, the NGLC will provide you with new and important information to capitalize on all that the U.S. Hispanic market has to offer.

1.) Saving the best for last. AHAA members have a special discounted rate (inquire with AHAA for more details).  The more AHAA agencies in attendance the better.

By David Chitel

David Chitel is considered by many to be an industry leader in the New Generation Latino media and entertainment space.  Along with founding partner, actor John Leguizamo, in 2001 David created one of the first Latino social networking communities, iCaramba.com.  Over the next 5 years, David evolved parent company, LatCom Communications, into a leading 360 degree integrated service provider helping Fortune 500’s reach New Generation Latinos through live events, magazines, online and college campus marketing.  In 2006, he sold LatCom to Batanga.com, the leading online Latin music destination.  Concurrently, David founded and chaired the New Generation Latino Consortium (NGLC), an organization dedicated to hosting business conferences and fielding innovative research studies focused on the NGL audience.  He also served as creator, writer, and producer of the first Latino animated TV series, ‘Lugar Heights’, which aired on mun2 and later on MTV-Tr3s and as a full-length DVD.  David’s career began at SiboneyUSA Hispanic advertising where he successfully served as Director of Client Services and New Business on such accounts as Colgate-Palmolive, U.S. Postal Service, Tropicana, Schering-Plough, Banco Popular and others.

Through his NGLC organization, David is currently offering services as an Executive-level Hispanic marketing, advertising and new business development consultant to clients, agencies and media outlets alike with a specialty in Digital and the New Generation Latino market.  He lives in New York City with his wife and two beautiful “Jewirican” kids who are “Spanglish-dominant.”  He holds a B.A. in Philosophy with a Spanish minor from Boston University

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