14th Annual ANA Multicultural Conference Promises an Exciting Agenda

In speaking with many of my esteemed industry colleagues over the last several days, I’ve heard a lot of buzz about the upcoming ANA Multicultural Marketing & Diversity Conference in Miami this week. Everyone looks forward to the different topics on the agenda, and each of us can find a number of favorite subjects we will be gravitating to at the event.

With the high caliber of speakers at hand, many are excited to hear the latest on the newest channels of engagement, the advantages and disadvantages of cross-cultural versus multicultural marketing, or dive into more specific topics such as Asian and African-American marketing. All valid and important subjects.

Personally, I look forward to the presentation by Lorraine Cortés-Vázquez from AARP. Why? Because the multicultural 50+ are practically a new frontier with a marketing appeal like no other segment. Plus, since I myself belong to that cohort, I’m thrilled to see that we have been included in the agenda.

As a Baby Boomer, I’ve gotten used to being part of a group considered to be a “darling” in the eyes of marketers. Don’t get me wrong; I realize Boomers are still prized consumers for many in Corporate America. However, with much of the focus at marketing conferences being on the younger generations – particularly regarding the use of technology – a Boomer, like me, may sometimes feel we are no longer part of the conversation. I’m hopeful that I will leave this ANA conference feeling differently.

Speaking from the perspective of a young 50+ person who’s attended many conferences, I think we should all be excited about this.

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