2012 Hispanic Beauty Study, Born into Beauty. [INSIGHT]

Siempre Mujer magazine unveiled the findings of its 2012 Hispanic Beauty Study, Born into Beauty, which examines Latinas consumer spending habits, product preferences, and the external cultural influences driving her beauty purchase decisions.

The study, which surveyed over 900 women including Latinas, non-Hispanic women, and Siempre Mujer readers and is the second beauty study released by Meredith Hispanic Ventures, reinforces that Latinas are savvy consumers who incorporate more products into their daily beauty regimen than general market women.

Born into Beauty, which also identifies key points of differentiation between Latinas and general market women, is released as Latinas’ consumer spending in beauty continues to skyrocket. Hispanics are expected to contribute $1.5 trillion in consumer purchase spending by 2015[i] and spending $9.1 billion in personal care category alone.[ii] Moreover, Latinas are also outspending general market women per retail visit; more than half (52%) of all Latinas spend $25 or more per visit, versus only 41 percent of general market women, according to the report.


Latinas are going beyond just lip, nail and hair care and are embracing daily beauty regimens with anti-aging, sun protection and fragrance routines, according to the survey. In fact, more Latinas (61%) and 70 percent of Siempre Mujer readers, note a desire to try new products compared to only 55 percent of general market women.


“Marketers have a real opportunity to target Latinas across multiple subcategories of beauty. This study clearly identifies actions they can take to develop a deeper connection with the Latina beauty consumer, particularly at retail and at point of purchase,” says Enedina Vega, Vice President & Publisher; Meredith Hispanic Ventures.

The survey shows that Latinas (54%) are almost twice as likely to seek and trust counsel from brand representatives at department stores more than general market women (30%). Moreover, 50 percent of Latinas and 66 percent of Siempre Mujer readers feel that it is important to have the brand representatives speak their language behind the counter. Also, a credible voice matters: 45 percent of Latinas say celebrity endorsements are an important part of their purchase decision.

“Latinas are not only early adopters who shop everywhere; they are beauty junkies who do their research and want to know all the product details. Beauty is a state of mind, a fabric of Hispanic culture,” says Maria Marrero, Editor in Chief, Siempre Mujer. “Latinas care about the latest technology and want to make sure they are making the best beauty purchases possible.”

[i] Selig Center for Economic Growth’s The Multicultural Economy Report, 2012

[ii] Latinum Consumer Expenditure, 2010

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