2013 – 2014 Discovery U.S. Hispanic Networks Upfront.

Discovery U.S. Hispanic unveiled its 2013-2014 Upfront slate where Discovery en Español highlights new and returning series that set the brand apart within the adrenaline and wild discovery genres, brings in new favorite real life drama shows and focuses on viewers’ key passion points: soccer and cars. Female oriented network Discovery en Familia will focus on health and parenting content as well as building thematic nights to support the network’s key genres.

“Our U.S. Hispanic networks offer the best of Discovery, which resonates well with the Spanish-language Hispanic community and allows us to continue to grow across all major demos of this key demographic,” said Ivan Bargueiras, General Manager, Discovery U.S. Hispanic’s networks. “Based on our proven success, we are strengthening our programming slate with new series based on our viewers’ well-known passions and preferences, along with returning favorites that support our traditional quality content,” he added.

Building on its record-breaking momentum, Discovery U.S. Hispanic announced its 2013-2014 Upfront slate. Discovery en Español highlighted new series such as the adrenaline stories portrayed in Bear Grylls: escapando del infierno (Bear Grylls: Escape from Hell) and real life drama shows such as Prohibido (Forbidden) and La verdad increíble (The Unbelievable Truth). Focusing on soccer, one of Discovery en Español’s viewers’ passion points, the network introduced shows which include Armando el Mundial (Building the World Cup) and the second season of its original production, Acceso Exclusivo: Los Tuzos del Pachuca. To address another of its audience key passion points, the network also announced the launch of a new genre, VROOM, with programs targeting car-lovers such as El dúo mecánico (Fast N’ Loud) and Aventura 4×4 T2 (One Car Too Far S2). To continue with the tradition of offering shows that set the Discovery en Español brand apart, the channel will offer outstanding documentaries based on wild life such as Mundo Profundo (Underworld) and África, as well as original productions currently in development such as docu-reality series El Rey del Low Rider and Texas Chrome.

Positioned among the top Hispanic cable nets reaching W18-49, Discovery Familia is enhancing its health content offering with new shows such as Limpieza obsesiva (Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners), Comida curativa (Food Hospital) and daily one-minute health tips by talent host Dr. Selene Velasco, as well as its parenting programming with new series such as Jo Frost al rescate (Family SOS with Jo Frost) and Embarazo secreto T2 (Secretly Pregnant S2). The network also introduced key thematic nights to support crucial genres such as beauty and the home, where the network will premiere series such as La bella y la bestia (Beauty and the Beast) and Locos por la casa (Mad About the House). Finally, as the leading Hispanic network among kids 2 to 5, the children’s programming block will offer new outstanding shows such as Matemonstruos (Monster Math Squad) and returning successful titles such as Rob el robot T2 (Rob the Robot S2).

The highlights of Discovery U.S. Hispanic networks’ 2013-14 Upfront schedule include the following:

2013-2014 Programming

Discovery en Español


Bear Grylls: escapando del infierno (Bear Grylls: Escape from Hell)
Perhaps the world’s most famous survival expert, Bear Grylls returns to Discovery en Español to reveal the true life stories of ordinary people trapped in extraordinary situations of survival. But Bear will do more than just tell the tales. He’ll travel to the most inhospitable locations on Earth and re-live the actual experiences, trials and barely believable realities faced by people who found themselves in a life and death struggle with the wilderness. Using incredible archived footage, first hand interviews with survivors and rescuers and breath-taking true life stunts carried out by Bear – he will show us what we should do to stay alive in each unique environment – by revealing and experiencing what these people did, right or wrong.

Hombre en la mira (Manhunt)
This series challenges an experienced Special Operations warrior to survive, evade, resist, and escape in a foreign land. He must evade the local military’s most highly trained Special Forces soldiers, as well as survive the harsh environment; his mission is to reach a pre-arranged rendezvous point where he will be extracted from the danger zone.

Desafío x 2: Brasil (Dual Survivor Brazil) (original production)
Two survivalists with very different training and backgrounds will be paired together and dropped into remote and dangerous areas of the world. But now that they are here, they will have just one task: find civilization.


Prohibido (Forbidden)
This series explores the most extreme human behavior from around the world. In the past, people kept their unorthodox passions firmly hidden in the closet. With the explosion of the internet, there has been a seismic shift in the extent to which people are finding kindred spirits and realizing their own proclivities are shared by others around the globe. Beliefs and behaviors that might have started out as an individual’s secret are being redefined as the basis of subcultures. Now the rest of us are having to redefine what we consider to be ‘normal’ human behavior; what’s acceptable and what isn’t, whether it’s men whose significant relationship is with a female robot, grade school children who pump iron and compete in body building pageants or tribal people who get high on a mix of narcotics and human ashes. Even for the most broadminded, there are some things that are still simply … Forbidden.

La verdad increíble (The Unbelievable Truth)
Criss-crossing the globe, THE UNBELIEVABLE TRUTH takes viewers on a voyage of discovery unlike any other. From India’s child snake charmers to Britain’s vampire brothers, Thailand’s mysterious body piercing vegetarian festival, America’s own human bird or the world’s smallest mother, each episode contains a rich and varied selection of the still-unknown.

Lo inexplicable (The Unexplained)
We live in an incredible time. Science and technology are advancing at an unprecedented rate. We have never known more about our universe, our world, or our species. And yet, there are many things we cannot explain. There are mysteries that have stumped the greatest of minds for centuries, anomalies that stand in direct contrast to commonly held scientific beliefs, and events that force us to imagine the impossible.

Monstruos y misterios en América (Monsters & Mysteries in America)
Mysterious shadows. Screams in the night. A hair-raising sense that something is watching. Stories of the unknown capture our imagination and curiosity in the series MONSTERS AND MYSTERIES IN AMERICA. From all across the country emerge tales of close encounters with legendary creatures, from horrific monsters and ancient spirits to alien sightings and unexplained paranormal phenomena. Featuring first-person accounts with everyday people who believe they have come face to face with real-life folktale fiends, MONSTERS AND MYSTERIES IN AMERICA travels our country’s untamed wilderness to tell of its storied past. Each episode focuses on a different American region and features stories of people who claim to have encountered creatures of local legend.


Soccer Lab (Fútbol Lab) (original production)
Soccer Lab is a studio-based series hosted by a soccer TV journalist and a soccer-crazed scientist dedicated to getting all the answers to what is behind the “most beautiful game.” In each program they will both present different aspects of the game and its players. They will have an elaborate lab in the studio with equipment that can track a player’s movement to the millimeter, sense their muscular activity and even track their every breath and bead of sweat. With all that on board, they will work inside the studio as well as on the streets in search of answers to questions such as: “How can the most able players kick the ball at speeds racing up to 200 km/h towards the goal?” They will have the help of top players, as well as amateurs from all around Latin America who will be invited to enter the Soccer Lab and get their skills tested to unravel the physics, biology and even chemistry behind soccer’s greatest plays and players.

Acceso Exclusivo: Los Tuzos del Pachuca (Exclusive Access: Los Tuzos del Pachuca) (original production)
For a second season, this docu-reality series will once again explore and contrast the sport of soccer where the stakes are high and anything short of a championship is a failure. To give our audience a first-hand look, Season 2 of ACCESO EXCLUSIVO will go behind the scenes with Los Tuzos del Pachuca as it conducts pre-season training and tryouts, looks for new rising stars, and lays high hopes on the shoulders of its returning leaders. At the same time, Discovery’s cameras will get up-close and personal with fans of the team who ritually devote themselves to the point where, at times, there seems to be more at stake for them than the players.

Armando el Mundial (Building the World Cup)
Uncover how Brazil prepares its infrastructure for the upcoming 2014 World Cup. From rebuilding the famous Maracana stadium in Rio to developing a brand new stadium in Sao Paolo and bringing Manaus, a city in the heart of the rainforest up to modern day standards so they too can be a part of the games and festivities. Brazil is getting ready to host millions of global guests and BUILDING THE WORLD CUP will show viewers how this ambitious project gets underway and progresses.


El Rey del Low Rider (original production under development)
A docu-reality series about a family-owned custom car shop in East Los Angeles. For Javier “México” Gomez, customizing cars is a family affair. Here, every member of the family is an employee— from Doña Juana (family matriarch and founder) to her sons Javier and Jr., to little Frankie who represents the 3rd generation. The entire family works together, eats together—and lives together (all under the same roof). Javier “México” and his parents built up the business from scratch, which they named “Mexico Collision Center”. Javier is determined to maintain his reputation as the top-notch shop in the Lowrider community. But as he tasks his family into pulling grueling all-nighters to finish a build for one of the biggest car shows of the year in Las Vegas – tempers flare and all hell breaks loose. Can they keep it together? Javier knows that at the end of the day, it is family that counts.

Texas Chrome (original production under development)
Outside of San Antonio is an amazing big-rig trucking business run by a spirited, true-life family of Texas truckers. There’s a line out the door because the shop does it all – restore, rebuild, trick out, and transport. From major corporate orders for dump trucks to the custom makeovers of big rigs and more recently a giant contract to haul frack sand for Shell and others in the oil fields of South Texas. Raul Mendez (“Senior”), his dysfunctional sons Raul Jr. and Roland, and their wives, cousins and friends run the Texas Chrome Shop, Triple R Diesel, and TCT Transport. Under the hood of this new show is pressure, precision and the incredibly unique family-run empire being built in Texas and celebrated on the roads of America.

El dúo mecánico (Fast N’ Loud)
Richard Rawlings and sidekick Aaron Kaufmann search far-flung corners of the country for rare and extraordinary muscle cars to restore and auction off to the highest bidder.

Can a group of custom car builders working with lightning speed on a budget turn a guy’s clunker into a hot car without him knowing it? With cooperation from friends and family, OVERHAULIN’ swipes these cars to give them a complete, high-speed makeover.

Aventura 4×4 T2 (One Car Too Far S2) – original production
Each week, two adventure-hungry hosts and their car are dropped into a different wilderness. Their challenge: to drive and survive until they reach safety.


Mundo Profundo (Underworld)
Expert cave diver Curt Bowen and his team of intrepid explorers are on a deadly quest to explore and find the answers to history’s buried secrets that are submerged in underwater caves across the globe. But finding the answers could cost them their lives. The truth they seek is deep underground in a haunting, alien landscape few humans ever have seen. Traveling to the farthest corners of the globe and following a trail of evidence that leads them ever deeper into the silent, deadly world that lies below, Curt and his team risk it all beneath the Earth’s surface. The beauty they encounter is matched only by the danger they must face as they journey into the “UNDERWORLD.”

The award-winning documentary team behind the breakthrough natural history series LIFE returns with a revealing look at a seemingly familiar continent that is still holding many secrets. A Discovery Channel/BBC co-production four years in the making, AFRICA is a seven-part series that brings the continent to life with never-before-filmed species, animal behaviors and secret, natural wonders of the world. Travel to a secret location in southwest Africa to witness what could be the last great rhinoceros gathering on Earth, filmed with a newly developed camera system that is operated using the light of the stars and captures sound using microphones embedded around a watering hole. Track a teenage chimp in the Congo with a sweet tooth that drives her to perfect complicated honey-hunting techniques using four different tools. Meet some gutsy lizards who hunt for flies on the backs of sleeping lions in the Serengeti, a behavior never before captured on film. And see giraffes in a whole new way as two rival males in Namibia deliver sledgehammer-like blows on each other in a knockout fight for domination.

Discovery Familia


Jo Frost al rescate (Family SOS with Jo Frost)
America’s favorite nanny, Jo Frost, is saving fractured families from self-destruction. Whether torn by marital strife or turbulent teens, Jo is the only cure. The country’s most troubled families will learn to rebuild with expert help from Jo.

Un bebé por minuto (One Born Every Minute)
ONE BORN EVERY MINUTES is a a ground-breaking series that takes a look at the drama and emotion of a maternity unit, from the perspective of the parents-to-be and the maternity ward staff.

Embarazo secreto T2 (Secretly Pregnant-S2)
What happens when a woman becomes pregnant, and then must use every means conceivable to hide the pregnancy? And then what happens when she must finally reveal her secret, no longer able to hide the truth? Each episode of SECRETLY PREGNANT follows the stories of two women who have their own reasons for hiding a pregnancy from their family, friends, boyfriends, bosses, etc. – following them through the emotional reveal of their secret, and the aftermath that includes the birth of the baby.


Limpieza obsesiva (Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners)
OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE CLEANERS is a documentary series which takes a look at a group of people who wage a constant war on dirt and order. The cameras follow people, who by their own admission are so obsessed with cleaning that they can’t relax if there is a spot or dirt anywhere in their houses.

Comida curativa (Food Hospital)
The FOOD HOSPITAL examines the science behind using food as medicine. In experiments conducted with strict scientific rigor, patients suffering from a range of medical conditions and symptoms are invited to attend The Food Hospital where they are prescribed specific food treatment programs to find out if their health problems can be alleviated or cured by the food they eat.

Un minuto de Salud con la Dr. Velasco (Health Minute with Dr. Velasco)
Get a daily dose of health news from Dr. Selene Velasco, Board Certified Family Physician, who shares breaking studies from the world’s top medical journals, the latest in health and wellness trends as well as tips and advice for living a healthy lifestyle.

La bella y la bestia (Beauty and the Beast)
We live in a society obsessed with physical perfection and many believe that being better looking would make them more successful. Meanwhile, millions of people live with a serious facial disfigurement, and must counter the negative connotations many of us apply to such differences on a daily basis. Can someone who lives with a facial disfigurement convince a self-confessed beauty addict that true beauty comes from within?

Cóseme, estírame, emparéjame! (Stitch me, Lift me, Tuck me) – A documentary series that exposes life behind the doors of one of the most exclusive cosmetic surgery clinics, Harley Street Skin, and reveals the intimate workings of this multi-million dollar business, from the interesting characters that come in for treatments to the staff that work there.

Vívala o véndala (Love it or List it S4)
LOVE IT OR LIST IT is a real estate and renovation show featuring interior designer, Hilary Farr and real estate agent, David Visentin. While designer Hilary attempts to win over the homeowners by renovating their current home, real estate agent David tries to find them the home of their dreams. Once all work has been complete and all potential homes have been viewed, couples must decide whether to love their homes or list them.

Locos por la casa (Mad About the House)
Part design drama and part relationship renovation, each episode of MAD ABOUT THE HOUSE showcases a couple who are given $25,000 to make over three rooms of their house, but with a twist. Before they start the renovation their individual senses of style are put to the test, with one half of the couple working with expert Ryan Brown to help create their dream room. Both looks are revealed in the end and they discover if their design decisions are closely married or worlds apart.


Matemonstruos (Monster Math Squad)
Monsters Max, Lily and Goo put their monster minds together and use their math skills and love of numeracy to overcome any obstacle they face to help other monsters. Along the way they face a variety of small challenges that require learning and using numeracy skills to save the day.

Rob el robot T2 (Rob the Robot-S2)
Rob, the galaxy’s most curious and adventurous robot explores the wondrous planets with his friends Ema, the alien linguist, TK the walking toolkit, and Orbit the quirky artist, in this 3D animated series full of fun and laughter.

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