2013 – 2014 MundoFox Upfront.

MundoFox, the U.S. Spanish-language broadcast network that launched last summer, unveiled its 2013-2014 programming schedule today. The network presented its new line-up to advertisers and marketers during the Fox Hispanic Media (FHM) Upfront presentation in Manhattan’s Alice Tully Hall.

“Next broadcast year MundoFox brings viewers more. We have supercharged the network with an expanded number of original programs that are universally relevant, bring up the Mexican flavor and put on the network some of the biggest and most beloved talent names,” said Emiliano Saccone, President of MundoFox.

This broadcast season, the network will be introducing a mix of 20 new, original entertainment programs, of which a few were highlighted at today’s presentation. Kicking off the summer is:

o “El Factor X,” the original Spanish-language version of the worldwide phenomenon “The X Factor,” where U.S. Hispanic viewers will help choose the next young Latino superstar or breakout music group. In 30 one-hour daily weekday episodes produced by Fremantle, “El Factor X” includes auditions held in some of the nations’ top Hispanic-populated cities and features “live voting” by audiences at home.

Starting this fall and running throughout the season, RCN’s line-up brings original productions for all American Latinos:

o “La Maldición del Paraíso” (Heaven’s Curse) – A woman finds herself trapped in a love triangle between two brothers, not knowing that she is repeating her mother’s tragic destiny.

o “Hilo de Sangre Azul” (Trails of Blue Blood) – In this thrilling “who done it,” the mysterious death of a well-known executive in an elite neighborhood will reveal the most disturbing secrets of its residents.

o “Alias el Mexicano” (AKA, the Mexican) – Only one man in Colombia managed to generate more fear than Pablo Escobar. His name was Gonzalo Rodriguez Gacha, better known as “El Mexicano.”

o “El Laberinto de Alicia” (Alicia’s Labrynth) – In this suspenseful thriller, the lives of a group of students and their parents are about to take a chilling turn as the school’s psychologist suspects that the kids could be in danger of falling prey to a pedophile.

o “El Estilista” (The Stylist) – A man held captive by the Colombian guerrilla devises a clever plan to gain the trust of the camp commanders – become their hair stylist in order to survive.

o “Comando Élite” (Command Elite) – What makes men brave enough to follow their calling when it means hunting down and capturing the most powerful and dangerous criminals? This is their vision, this is their story.

o “En la Boca del Lobo” (In the Wolf’s Mouth)- The incredible tale of an insider who naively signs on for what expects will be a brief role to help eliminate Pablo Escobar, and upon finding himself trapped on the job, ends up bringing down the Cali Cartel in Colombia.

o “Dr. Mata” – Meet Buenaventura Nepomuceno Matallana. A respected lawyer who no one dares to question. A psychopath. A serial killer of the worst kind. The kind you never see coming. Until he meets Merceditas Ramos, a maid with an absolute conviction that this puzzling man is responsible for the sudden disappearance of one of his clients, her adored boss and lover, Alfredo.

o “El Capo 3” – Filmed on location in New York, Los Angeles, México, Colombia and Europe, El Capo returns with his most ambitious mission yet…to vanish the worldwide drug empire that he himself helped create.

o “Café con Aroma de Mujer” – From the man who reinvented the novela genre and created “Betty La Fea” (Ugly Betty), Fernando Gaitán, comes the remake of the first international hit that put Colombian television on the map.

MundoFox goes for more entertainment and more choice, expanding the offering with new original and powerful stories produced out of Mexico:

o “Amor Con Angel” (Angel of Love), a feel-good romantic comedy that promises to steal everyone’s heart by bringing Cantinflas, a beloved icon, to the small screen. Produced by Sony, this is the story of Lupe, a brave and charming young woman who finds comfort in old videos of Cantinflas films when her parents pass away. He becomes her true companion, gives her the strength to go on and makes her laugh when she thinks all is lost. When she meets a handsome young man, it will be through Cantinflas that they build a beautiful connection that will change their lives forever.

o “El Capitan” (The Captain), an adventure series that tells the amazing story of Mexican-born Carlos Camacho Espíritu, a man from humble origins, who armed with nothing but strong and determination conquered his dreams and touched the lives of millions. After many failed attempts, Camacho is able to cross to the United States where he works hard until he falls in love, builds an empire, and in pursuit of his one final dream, moves with his family back to Mexico and builds African Safari-Mexico’s beloved national Wildlife Park with the largest collection of exotic animals in the world. Produced by FoxTelecolombia, starring renowned Mexican actor Humberto Zurita.

In addition, MundoFox weekends prime time bring an exciting line-up including:

o “The Bridge” – Oscar-nominated actor Demián Bichir and Diane Kruger star in this highly anticipated FX series, centered on two detectives working together to hunt down a serial killer who travels between the U.S. and Mexican border.

o “Cumbia Ninja” – This original series is set in a Latin American slum controlled by narcos, where young idealist Hache and his buddies cannot take it any longer and come up with a very particular way to clean up the streets where they live, with the help of Xiang Wu, an old Chinese ninja master.

o “Paramedicos” (Paramedics) – Based on real-life events, this series touches upon experiences and anecdotes that are part of the history of the Mexican Red Cross. Shot on location in Mexico, the drama focuses on a group of young paramedics who not only face high-risk emergency situations but must also deal with their own personal matters on the job.

o “Luna”- The most anticipated return of Bárbara Mori to television comes in this provocative series about a woman who is a psychologist by day and DJ with a cult by night – unaware of her multiple personality disorder caused by the tragic loss of her twin sister.

o “Historias de Corrido” (Corrido Stories) – Real life stories told through songs, known as Mexican Corridos, now come to life on the television screen in these original made-for-TV movies. Starring the popular members of the bands that perform the songs.

o “Familia en Venta” (Family for Sale) – A smart, modern romantic comedy about a couple that, due to economic challenges, is forced to continue to live together although they are divorced. Starring Roselyn Sanchez and Carlos Espejel.

o “Los Golden Boys” – Join Mario López (Extra, The X-Factor) and boxing superstar Oscar De La Hoya in this thrilling docudrama featuring current world champions and other up-and-coming fighters as you’ve never seen them before.

Rounding up the programming announcement, MundoFox announced that Mexican TV personality and host of the network’s U.S. based show “Minuto Para Ganar,” Marco Antonio Regil as MundoFox’s new exclusive screen ambassador.

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