2018 Hispanic Vote Data for Seven Crucial States in Advance of Key 2020 Contests

Univision Communications, Inc. announced the release of crucial Hispanic voter data analysis in conjunction with L2 (Labels and Lists) which demonstrates across the board voter registration and turnout increases in the key primary and general election states of Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio and Pennsylvania. This analysis, conducted by Univision’s political researchers, further bolsters the conclusion unveiled at the Hispanic Voters: The New Majority Makers event which positioned Hispanic America as key to determining our country’s next leaders from the White House to the state house. This new state data is consistent with previously released results in key states such as California, Florida, New York, Texas, and others and reinforces the national political narrative that Hispanic voters are a crucial demographic.
“Hispanic America turned out in unprecedented numbers in 2018 across all age groups and we expect that trend to continue into the 2020 election cycle. This new data from seven additional states further demonstrates that Hispanic voters are a crucial demographic and any candidate or issue group that wants to win must get their message out to Latinos,” said Vince Sadusky, Chief Executive Officer, Univision.
Key findings from the data and analysis include:
Voter registration:

  •     Hispanic voters saw significant voter registration increases in these key states
  •     In Arizona nearly 3 in 10 new registered voters were Hispanic
  •     In Colorado 1 in 5 new registered voters were Hispanic
  •     In New Mexico nearly half of all new registered voters were Hispanic
  •     In North Carolina the number of Hispanic registered voters grew +28% while Non-Hispanics declined -4%

Voter turnout:

  •     Hispanic voters delivered reliable and consequential increases in voter participation on average almost doubling turnout across these 7 key states
  •     Independent/Other Hispanic voters were especially energized to go the polls, more than doubling turnout in these states on average
  •     Growth in the number of Hispanic voters aged 18-24 tripled on average across AZ, CO, GA, NM, NC, OH, and PA.
  •     Growth in the number of Hispanic voters aged 25-34 nearly doubled on average across these states.
  •     Must-win Super Tuesday states Colorado and Georgia in addition to early state Ohio saw growth in Hispanic 18-24 voters more than triple and nearly double among the 25-34 demographic

Political Advertising:

  •     As voter engagement continues to increase, political ads targeting this coveted demographic are expected to follow suit as evidenced by the significant (67 percent) increase in these ads on Univision from 2014 to 2018.
  •     Speaking and advertising to Hispanic voters in Spanish (in-language) improves effectiveness.
  •         82% of Hispanic adults over 18 speak Spanish at home (Source: Nielsen 2019 Universe Estimates)
  •         Double-digit increases in ad memorability, brand memorability and likeability. (Source:  Phoenix TV Brand Effect)
  •         Nearly 9-in-10 Hispanics say that they appreciate businesses that communicate with them in Spanish (Nielsen 2018)
  •         Spanish-language ads have 2X likeability vs. English-language ads (Source: Phoenix TV Brand Effect)
  •     Spanish-language advocacy is best positioned to harness the urgency behind Latino voter political engagement and deliver any campaign’s message to every generation of Hispanic voter.

To download voter data, CLICK HERE.




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