2022 NAHP Annual Convention in Denver

The National Association of Hispanic Publications (“NAHP”) will kick off their 40th Anniversary celebration in the “Mile High City” during this year’s Annual Convention and Business Expo. The event will convene industry, business and government leaders from around the United States and Mexico to provide NAHP members the opportunity to participate in educational forums that explore best practices, research findings, advertising innovations, online strategies, business development and ways to integrate new and Social Media. The three-day event will also feature evening receptions where local politicians are scheduled to attend, including Mayor Mike Coffman (neighboring City of Aurora), Mayor Michael B. Hancock (City of Denver), and Colorado Governor Jared Polis.

NAHP President Álvaro Gurdián states, “It’s an exciting time to finally be able to get together. We are not necessarily over covid, but we are able to finally get together and see each other. We’ve been acting virtually in all our business capacities, and we’ve been able to do that successfully. But now to be able to join each other and be able to not just be in the sessions, but be able to see each other in the hallway where some of the best conversations happen peer to peer for our publishers and some of the other associations that will be there. I think it’s key for them. It’s something we know we’ve been missing, and we are excited that we’re now able to pull off.”

Reflecting on the evolution of the organization, NAHP Co-Founder Kirk Whisler recalled the days where circulations “were less than a million combined circulation industry at the time we formed. It was the circulation of the entire industry including magazines, newspapers, everything combined across the entire US in terms of Spanish language and bilingual media.” In an increasing digital age, however, Whisler recognizes that “we’re no longer in the industry of publications. We are an industry of media outlets.”

As for the inherent strength of Hispanic publications? “Nobody delivers this audience better than our members and throughout various segments. That’s because this is the backbone of the Latino community,” Whisler added.

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