2023 Outlook Survey: Ad Spend, Opportunities, and Strategies for Growth [REPORT]

This 2023 Outlook Survey was conducted by IAB to provide the digital ad-supported ecosystem with a forward-looking view into the 2023 ad spending marketplace (including both spend levels and strategies) being projected by buy-side ad investment decision-makers, primarily at brands and agencies.

This study provides:

  • A view into overall spend as well as at the channel and category levels
  • A perspective on opportunities and strategies for growth
  • Insights into two key, growing spaces: retail media networks (RMNs) and emerging technology (e.g., metaverse, NFTs, AR, etc.)

Key findings include:

  • 2023 overall ad spend is projected to be up 5.9% YoY
  • Customer acquisition is by far buyers’ top goal for 2023 media investments (61%), followed by increasing brand equity (43%) and improving media efficiency (35%)
  • More than half of buyers are investing or considering investing in RMN advertising (61%) and metaverse advertising and marketing (56%)

To download report, CLICK HERE.



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