44,000,000 + Hispanics in the US in 2010?

   US Census Bureau released the new total US population figure for the 2010 Census of 308,745,538 as of 4/1/2010.

The new number represents a 9.7% increase in US population since the 2000 Census total population released on 4/1/2000.

In the 2000 Census US Hispanics represented 35.3 million or 12.5% of the US total population.

According to the 2010 Census the majority of the growth in population was in the South (+14.3%), the West (13.8%), the Northeast (+3.2) and Midwest (3.9%) since 2010.

If the relationship between percentages stay the same and the US Hispanic growth only mirrored the the same 9.7% growth of the total US population since 2000, there would be 39 Million Hispanics in the USA.

I am going to crystal ball it and say 44,000,000 or US Hispanic will represent 14.25% of the total US population, which will represent 14% growth.

What your spread?

Taking bets.

Gene Bryan

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