4th annual HispanicAd.com Forum webcast @ AHAA Conference September 29, 2004.

Yahoo en Español, Fox Sports en Español, PRnewswire and the Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies (AHAA) invites you to our 4th annual HispanicAd.com Forum webcast on September 29, 2004 (9am Pacific, 11am Central, 12 noon Eastern). The webcast launches the fall conference for AHAA, which is being held at the Plaza Hotel in New York from September 29 – October 1, 2004.

A select group of panelist will be discussing trends in the advertising, marketing and media targeting the US Hispanic Consumers.


Manuel Machado – CEO @ machado/garcia-serra publicidad & President of AHAA


Daisy Exposito – Chairman /CEO of The Bravo Group
Alex López Negrete – President/CEO of López Negerete Communications
Victor Ornelas – President/CEO of Ornelas & Associates


Manuel Machado – CEO @ machado/garcia-serra publicidad & President of AHAA

Participate with the panelists by sending your questions during the webcast. Some of the topics to be discussed are:

– How will we grow our Industry?
– Has media ‘merger-mania’ affected the US Hispanic Market?
– How do independents still thrive in a mega-acquisition/merger environment?
– What new creative strategies are being implemented today vs. 5 years ago?
– Has the Census been the Tool we were waiting for?
– Has research caught up to our needs in defining the US Hispanic Consumer?

View this webcast online LIVE on September 29th, 2004 it’s FREE. To registration for this FREE webcast CLICK below:


**Be aware that if you have pop-up blocking software on your computer, you will need to disable the software to have access to the webcast registration and the webcast itself.

SAVE THE DATE…. September 29, 2004 (9am PCF, 11am CENTRAL, 12 noon EST)

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